Printing Industry Articles

Printing Possibilities for your Plumbing Services
Plumbing is an essential service that all households need from time to time. Whether you are unclogging a toilet, clearing a drain or taking care of other important duties so they can use their water and pipes the way families need to, your services should be just a convenient call away. For the best results, promote your plumbing expertise using business cards and brochures…. [continued]

Promote your Cable Services
Whether you are in the business of promoting your cable services or providing Internet and phone services, you can always benefit from promotional printing. Even if you don’t think you know exactly how to make it work for your cable/internet provider at first, check out these ideas to see how you can benefit from brochure printing…. [continued]

How to Design Effective Salon Product Printing
When it comes to your salon, your products are the only way for customers to get the quality salon results at home. A great follow-up to your services is the purchase of hairspray, shampoos and conditioner and whatever other products will help aid hair care to your clients. Brochures and booklets are a great way to educate your clients on the importance of using salon quality products following their haircuts, styles and color treatments…. [continued]

Liquor Promotion Tips
If you are involved in the liquor industry and have not taken advantage of promotional printing products, now is the time to take your marketing to another level. Whether you choose to take advantage of brochure printing or booklets, there is a lot you can do to draw attention to your alcoholic beverages…. [continued]

Auto Industry Brochure Printing Ideas
If you are a car dealership or automotive service provider, you can definitely benefit from a print marketing campaign. While advertisements and flyers are great for driving in customers to your business, brochure printing is a great way to introduce customers to specific products and services. Here are a few ideas for your next brochure designs…. [continued]

Designing Business Cards for Freelance Writers
If you are a freelancer looking to gain contracts and clients for your writing work, business cards are a networking necessity. You don’t have to make your designs flashy to get ahead in the industry, but they should be eye-catching little contact cards that best represent your skills and services…. [continued]

Health and Wellness Industry Print Promotions
Whether you are a dietician or a gym owner, your services are vital to the sustenance of healthy living in the community. If you are in the health and wellness industry, now is the time to invest in print promotions that will illuminate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and show community members how to incorporate eating right and exercise into their daily routine. Brochure printing is the perfect approach because it gives your clients a resource to take with them and use long after they have left your sight…. [continued]

How to Raise Awareness About a Cause for a Non-Profit
If you are part of a non-profit organization or industry, you know how tough it can be to generate funds and buzz around a certain cause or effort you are promoting. Chances are, if you can find the right way to reach them, people will be more susceptible to donating their time, mind and money toward what you are raising awareness about. Brochure printing is a powerful way to promote your cause and will definitely be worth your non-profit budget to invest in…. [continued]

Salon Brochure Printing Tips
The professional hair care can be very competitive. Oftentimes, there are plenty of salons in one area so you always have to be looking to give customers a specific reason to turn to your products and services. If you are looking to promote your latest services, brochure printing is an effective approach. There are many different ways to incorporate brochures into your marketing efforts, but here are a few good tips specifically tailored for the hair care industry…. [continued]

Takeout Branding with Business Cards
If you are in the food industry and have a delivery service or takeout menu, make sure you let customers know. Getting food on the fly is the most popular way people eat these days, and the perfect business branding could make you their go-to place for a convenient bite to eat. If you want to make sure your target audience will keep you in mind, design full color business cards that promote your food services…. [continued]

Veterinary Brochure Designs
Veterinary services are vital to the lives of pet owners and the health and well-being of the animals they call family. No matter what community you are living in, vet services are always needed, and there are always new customers searching for the right fit for their family. If you are looking to promote your medical pet care, brochure printing is an effective way to introduce your practice to pet owners in your community…. [continued]

5 Ways to Use Booklets in the Auto Industry
When it comes to crafting the perfect marketing campaign for your automotive company, booklet printing just may be the key to your success. Booklets are a great way to introduce a bulk of information and stunning photos to your customers without overwhelming them. Because you can print booklets in 8 to 48 pages, you can spread out your information and make each page perfect…. [continued]

6 Tips for Tasty Business Cards
If you are in the business of food, you definitely want your business cards to entice the taste buds of your customers. Here are the 6 biggest tips for designing contact cards that will have your customers craving for your tasty dishes…. [continued]

Design the Perfect Printing for Your Flower Shop
From gardening to landscaping, celebrations and more, floral arrangements are always in demand. As a flower shop, you know your services will be needed more than ever during certain holidays and then generally speaking throughout the year, so it is important to tailor your marketing to accommodate these busy times. Whether you are looking to create custom business cards or full color brochures to promote your shop, turn to what you know; flowers…. [continued]

Food Delivery Business Cards
Even though your staff isn’t usually shaking hands and exchanging contact information with your customers, it is important to make sure they have a convenient way to connect with you. Business cards are the perfect venue for relaying your contact information to the people who want to order your food…. [continued]

Promotional Printing for Theatre Productions
If you are getting ready for show time, promotional printing can be a great way to get people to be a part of your audience. If you are in the theatre industry, turning to full color booklets, flyers and brochure printing can be an effective approach for your marketing campaign. Here are a few tips about how your vibrant 4-color printing can help get your production a standing ovation…. [continued]

Cheap Business Flyers
Cheap business flyers are yet another effective means of marketing with high quality print materials designed to increase sales, awareness and branding. Every company can benefit by ordering cheap business flyers to market with, whether you’re posting them around the office, using them as response-driven mailers, or instituting a city-wide campaign. Flyers are a very inexpensive way to go about spreading the word about your latest services, which makes it a very lucrative means for small, medium and large businesses everywhere. Here’s a quick look inside how certain places are using them as daily tools in their pursuit of the bigger picture…. [continued]

Salon Staff Business Cards
If you are a new stylist or esthetician, branding yourself with eye-catching business cards could be the key to building your clientele. If people are sitting in your chair for the first time and have a good experience, they may want to come back, but without your business card, they might forget your name and will go to someone else next time. To avoid losing a customer to another employee, or to another salon in general, make sure you have business cards ready to present before they leave…. [continued]

How To Get Cheap Flyer Printing Prices
Flyer printing prices have gone up at some local printers, but online there is a world of cheap options for you. You’ll still receive the same quality that is used at other commercial providers, only this time you’ll pay far less in flyer printing prices. There’s always a way to trim your costs when you step up to the final virtual cash register so here are a few things to be aware of when you’re looking to save some extra coin…. [continued]

Cheap Flyer Printing For Area Commerce
Cheap flyer printing exists on so many levels for businesses in a small town. Some primarily use newspaper classifieds or full page ads (and little ones too) to let the public know about their services, while others order cheap flyer printing online to help them with a localized campaign. When you really think of the possibilities, any type of company or organization can use this method to attract droves of interested customers (the “sleepier” the town, the better.) Here’s another look at some groups who use it effectively and frequently…. [continued]

Promoting Your Library Using Bookmark Printing
Bookmarks are a productive way to reach readers in an intimate setting; through the pages of their books. Libraries are the hub for book lovers to read and take home stories that they will treasure and experiences that will change them. With the continued advancements of e-readers and other technology, it is important that you keep your library in the minds of community members and readers alike so people will continue to go and enjoy your facilities…. [continued]