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Unique Business Card Designs – Part 1
These unique business card designs have helped motivate other entrepreneurs in the 21st century to be as creative and professional as possible. You never know what type of person will love your printed business cards beyond belief so much that they will offer you the lead of your life. That is why every ounce of your soulful energy and wit should go into the creation of these little calling cards…. [continued]

Unique Business Card Designs – Part 2
How often do you get the chance to print a unique business card online? Most printers on the web are just now eclipsing the idea of printing business cards on various materials like metal, plastics, wood, fibrous cloth and others. That means you can be on the cusp of a large creative movement to get your voice heard in the market…. [continued]

Business Card Typography
Business card typography is just as important as any images, color and contact information that you put on your stock. The great thing is that there are thousands of different styles available on the internet when you are printing business cards. They can be cartoony, jagged, dark, bubbly, wide and fat, tall and skinny, colorful or just barely a whisper on the paper…. [continued]

Interesting Business Card Designs – Part 1
If you ever find yourself at a loss for business card design ideas, you should never feel discouraged for long once you lay eyes on some of these beauties. After all, what is limiting you from printing business cards on wood, metal, chunks of slate, an ice cream cone wrapper, a chocolate bar or a rubber wristband?… [continued]

Interesting Business Card Designs – Part 2
The more interactive you make your own business cards, the better chance you have of ensuring that your customers will spend more time viewing them. Some people play on a classical theme or an instantly recognizable motif including coffee cups, cassette tapes, balloons and old records. As long as your paper is not just a piece of paper, you will have a better chance of making an impact…. [continued]

Typographical Design Ideas For Business Cards
Now that you have settled on a business card style, size and paper type, you might want to look at how you will use typography for a creative take this time around. There are literally tens of thousands of proven examples of how to use type effectively when printing business cards online with a printer who knows how to do it right. For starters, being as colorful as possible should definitely be in the cards for you. Secondly, it should be read easily by a broad swath of customers…. [continued]

Actual Brochure Designs That Impress – Part 1
There are a multitude of designs that work out for businesses around the globe when it comes to sound brochure printing. The more creative you get the better chance your brand has of sticking out in a crowd when people are thumbing through a rack of brochures. Industry experts of all types are constantly in search of the next great idea. Here are a few that might serve to inspire…. [continued]

Actual Brochure Designs That Impress – Part 2
With the power that online brochure printing companies have these days, it is no wonder that more people are turning to them for their creative design ideas. When printing brochures, everybody wants to be able to achieve something that will dazzle customers and get people talking about it. Some turn into complete works of art while others fizzle and serve as a regular old piece of printing…. [continued]

QR Codes And Business Cards – Part 1
A new phenomenon has slowly been seeping its way into the designs of business cards for several months now and it is called the QR code. Short for “quick response,” these little inkblots make for a useful addition to business card printing online. They are compatible with smart phone technology in the fact that you can download a free reader or barcode scanner, line up the image with your camera frame and scan away. This allows for instant information uploading straight to your phone so you can always have their credentials on the go…. [continued]

QR Codes And Business Cards – Part 2
The fact that you are going to use QR codes in your business card printing still holds less importance than the design itself. If you throw one on there in hopes that the simple fact alone will get people to interact with your business cards, then you are sorely mistaken. You should never sacrifice good design principles in favor of a new way to connect with customers. When you need some inspiration, contact your online printer today to discuss customization options (specialized inks, die-cuts) and orientation issues that can help place your cards above the rest…. [continued]

Customizing Your Brochure Designs
Brochure printing starts with the design room, which means you should bring a few ideas to the table when working with your online printer to get them done fast. Custom brochures are the best way to get at your customers in a market that needs an increasing amount of different material in order to help drive the dollars to your company coffers. However you choose to do this is ultimately up to you, but there are a number of things that have worked well for people in your position in the past. Focus your efforts on these four things and watch as your demographic heads for your front door…. [continued]

Creative Metal Business Cards – Part 1
Metal business cards are an interesting twist on the basic card stock of old and can be purchased through many online printers. They give off a cool shiny look and can actually be used in a variety of ways as a practical item rather than simply another piece of paper you shove in your pocket…. [continued]

Creative Metal Business Cards – Part 2
In the past few years, metal business cards have been making a statement coming from the hands of business professionals all over the map. Geraldine Moloney turned hers into a painting palette to advertise her skills as a design specialist while BBQ4All went with a brushed stainless steel look that resembles the bottom side of a metal spatula…. [continued]

Brochure Printing Design Tips
Your marketing material should be informative, but if it doesn’t look appealing, your printing purpose will fall flat. For the most effective brochure printing in your industry, vibrant full color designs are a must. Here are a few tips to get your layout and design efforts started off right…. [continued]

4 Postcard Designs That Really Kick
When you are in need of a little inspiration in order to print postcards that truly deliver the razzle-dazzle you want, look no further than our great world wide web. While you cannot simply lift the entire design piece by piece for your own uses, you can take cues from their postcard printing ways in order to build a better one for yourself. Lots of companies still use this direct mailing method to capture the attention of loyal readers and listeners everywhere, which is why designing them is as important as ever…. [continued]

5 Brochure Design Ideas That Don’t Suck
You might be asking yourself how in the world you plan on inventing a new design for your brochure printing that does not suck. After all, it seems as if there is a whole world of original creativity out there that you just can’t compete with. You might not want to hire a graphic designer and you do not trust your online printer enough to craft the perfect printed brochure aesthetics on their own. Here are a few basic ideas to get you started down the right path toward happiness…. [continued]

Business Card Layout Ideas
If you are looking to update the layout of your business cards, it might be simpler than you initially assumed. It is important to make sure that your business card printing best represents your personality and philosophy and there are a few easy tricks to update your current design…. [continued]

Turn Up the Visual Appeal on your Business Cards
Creating new business cards is the perfect opportunity to reinvent your branding by making a bold impression. It isn’t hard to make these wallet-sized cards customized to stand out in a sea of others competing for the attention of your potential customers. But there are a few primary design tricks that you can incorporate to ensure your printing will be effective…. [continued]

Catchy Color Scheme: The Key to Effective Printing
Whether you are printing flyers, business cards, brochures or any other promotional product to advance your business, effective use of color is the single most important part of the design process. If you want your designs to stand out against the competition, you need to come up with a color scheme that is readable but also vibrant…. [continued]

Designing with Eye-catching Color Schemes
Creating the perfect designs demands a great color scheme. When it comes to your marketing material, from full color flyers to custom catalogs, vibrant colors as the key to an effective print campaign. But just splashing colors on a page just isn’t enough to make your mark. To use eye-catching colors with enough oomph to make an impact, you need to do it strategically…. [continued]

Graphic Design Tips for Flyers
It is easy for anyone to throw a flyer together using a simple computer program and clip art. But if you want your business or event to really shine, there are a few things to consider to create the best aesthetics for your visual marketing campaign. To make your printing costs worth their while, you want your flyer printing to be effective. Here’s how…. [continued]

Design Secrets for your Business Cards
When it comes to networking in any industry, great business cards are a must for every professional. You may think you have eye-catching designs, but an improvements you can make will definitely help you get noticed in the professional world. Here are a few design secrets to live by. Make sure your business cards incorporate these tips and you will be one step closer to creating the perfect card customized for you…. [continued]

Creating the Right Content for your Newsletters
Almost every business in any industry has a need for newsletters. They connect customers and club members or just disperse interesting and relevant information to employees. Either way, newsletter printing is important and can be the key to connecting and maintaining relationships with your customers. It is important to take careful consideration when selecting the content for your newsletters. Here are the basic elements you should include in five easy-to-read parts…. [continued]

Online Flyer Printing For Beginners
Online flyer printing can make your business life a whole heck of a lot easier on your conscience and your budget. Instead of messing around with local printers, who can be much slower, not to mention lack in quality, online flyer printing can put you in the fast seat to success for everything you plan on marketing in the near future. Usually companies with a weekly agenda, that is, a set amount of new things happening most weeks need these flyers to continue their informative efforts…. [continued]

How to Make Your Business Cards More Modern
Almost every professional probably has some type of business card, but that doesn’t mean the design is very effective. If you haven’t updated your business cards in ages, now is the time to make them more modern. These days, you want these custom cards to draw attention to your best business features by being concise and creating an eye-catching design…. [continued]

5 Creative Flyer Ideas
If you want an effective marketing method that can really get the word out about whatever you are promoting, flyer printing is a great approach! A simple format and eye-catching appeal make flyers a poignant outlet for your message. But with a blank slate, the creative process can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few design ideas to help set your flyer printing apart from the rest…. [continued]

Incredible Die-Cutting Designs For Business Cards
Industry has diversified so much these days that business card printing and designing has made it possible to be 180 degrees different than traditional styles. One way to differentiate your marketable offerings is to incorporate the right kind of die-cut into your business cards. This means creating custom shapes and trimming to impose a new type of creativity into your everyday materials. Some people will opt for the standard two-sided card that reads landscape-style. But if you really want to be a hit in today’s markets, being different means sometimes having to flip your ideas upside down…. [continued]

Spine-Tingling Design Ideas For Catalogs
Perhaps you own a Halloween supply shop that utilized catalog printing in order to reach your customers. Maybe you have a horror movie memorabilia store that needs some ghoulish designs for your custom catalogs for them to function properly. Creativity goes a long way in creating the best marketing materials possible which means you should start by hiring an online printer and graphic design team to come up with a variety of helpful aesthetics before you print your next batch of collateral…. [continued]

St. Patrick’s Day Postcard Designs That Work
When you think about St. Patrick’s Day as a holiday to market your postcard printing with, the thoughts usually do not go together. But in fact it is a prime opportunity for businesses to get in the spirit by sending out postcards with an Irish twist! Many people forget that this is right about the time when Americans are receiving their tax returns and are in the mood to spend on products, especially when those same products are associated with one of the most festive and jubilant days of the year…. [continued]

The Dos of Designing Flyers
Flyers are an effective way to promote any business! There are thousands of different ways to design an effective flyer, but here are a few basic tips to get you started out right…. [continued]

How to Reinvent your Business Cards
If your business cards are ordinary, or you want to revamp your branding, give your design a face-lift. There are many easy ways to take your custom cards to another level and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Using a basic format and an eye-catching color scheme, with a couple trips and tricks you can set yourself apart from your competitors…. [continued]

Create Head-turning Flyers
If you are planning to create flyers to promote your newest product, sale or an upcoming event, you want to be able to turn heads wherever you post them. Flyer designs are a great way to attract clients and customers and generate buzz around your business. But if you want to do so successfully, you should make them pop…. [continued]

Improve your Catalog Cover Design
If you are in the market for a catalog printing update, a vibrant new colorful cover may just be the best thing you can change. A new cover really draws customers in to the content and gets them enticed to flip from page to page. If you can get your readers to open it up, catalog printing is an effective promotional format and the right cover design just may do the trick. Here’s a few good ideas to give your catalogs a facelift…. [continued]

Color Concepts for Effective Flyers
Full color flyers are a great way to gain attention for your products and services in the community. If you want to draw attention to a certain sector of your promotional campaign, flyer printing can provide just the avenue you need. You can plaster these colorful creations in a variety of places, based on where you target audience will see them the most. But if you really want to create flyers that will turn heads, you want to be clever with your use of color…. [continued]

Astronomical Ideas For Postcard Printing
Nowadays, high-definition images are being placed on postcards due to their astonishing visual appeal. But none are as brilliant as the kind that is put on display in our nightly skies on a regular basis. Some photographers go around the world in search of the next great image, which would make for more than one great use on postcard printing. Next time you wish to sell these pieces of stationery with an added bonus of a dazzling astronomy-related picture, check out these ideas for the best results…. [continued]

Top Five Design Blunders to Avoid
When it comes to full color printing, the possibilities are virtually endless, but doing too much with your designs could hurt you, not help you. From flyer printing to brochure printing, there are plenty of ways to mess up your marketing. Here are five common blunders that cause promotional printing to fail so you don’t make the same mistake…. [continued]

How to Design Flyers Around Full Color Photos
Flyers are a powerful marketing tool for drawing in customers using visual appeal. If you design them effectively, your flyers can stop customers in their tracks. A great way to ensure your designs will be eye-catching is to feature full color photos in the layout. They will keep your customers enticed but should also tell them something about what you are promoting…. [continued]

4 Design Tips For Postcard Printing
Designing your own postcard printing can be fun, challenging and worthwhile if you can focus on driving customers toward your business. You do not need to have any prior graphic design experience or even the most comprehensive ideas for making custom postcards that fit the style and tone you are looking for. An online printer is always around to help you put some life into the front and backside so that no matter who picks it up and from where, you will have a fair shot at convincing them that you have the best offer in town…. [continued]

Designing A Tri-Fold Travel Brochure – Part 1
When you need to design a travel brochure for your agency to use as a marketing tool, you can look to the online world for free templates and other guidance. You can easily have them create your own brochure printing and pay very little. A little research and some simple ideas can have you on the path to a great future when it comes to your loyal passengers. You will have everything outlined in beautiful 4-color printing that will allow them to be transported to another place, even if it is only for a few moments…. [continued]

Designing A Tri-Fold Travel Brochure – Part 2
Your tri-fold brochures should exude confidence, warmth, beauty and above all, utility when it comes to your travel agency and its marketing platform. You need to be inviting enough to where they will open your brochures and scope out the contents that highlight a specific destination of the world. How will you design it? What needs to be in place in order for it to work out well for your company and your customers? An online printer will be an invaluable tool in getting it completed the right way in a timely fashion so that you can rest easier and wait for as little as one day for them to arrive…. [continued]

Business Card Graphics Evaluation
Business cards are multidimensional printing products that can serve multiple purposes, from miniature flyers to appointment cards and table tent cards. Regardless of professional careers or not, people should always carry a business card with them wherever they go so that if a need for their personal services arises, they can jump all over it. We are finding more ways to connect with each other in today’s world because of the high unemployment rates and uncertain immediate future. That means you should do everything you can to showcase your cards in a positive light starting with the graphic content…. [continued]

Quick Tips To Design Your Brochure Faithfully
Is it your first time designing and printing brochures? If it is or you are simply not prepared for what the online brochure printing world looks like, you should take note of a few different tactics that will make your marketing efforts stand out against your competition. It is a good idea to talk to the printer in order to gain a better understanding of how they operate but the following list will help you knock out the details so that you are always putting your best foot forward…. [continued]

Brochure Design Tactics That Help Usher Readers Further
Do you want to know where to find the most provocative pinup girls for your brochures? This is a good question because it makes you want to read further into a printed brochure, especially when it is placed on the front (there are no suggestions for pinups, by the way.) The trick is to print something that will mentally strike a reader and push them to make the choice to open your piece. If your question or image is not unique enough, people might not give two hoots about it. Be testy and push the boundaries in order for them to read on. Then you can do whatever you need to…. [continued]

Things to Avoid When Writing and Designing Brochures
Brochure printing has a certain amount of elements that work with each other in order to produce a lasting result that resonates with your target audience. To print brochures with the proper sense of balance when it comes to your written message is a good thing to take a look at before proceeding with your online printing company. But every time somebody goes with these materials, they seem to make one or two key mistakes that can be remedied with the right mindset as you type them up. Check out some of the things to avoid the next time you need it to work for you…. [continued]

Designing a Good Call To Action For Your Brochure
There are many ways to add a call to action, the most important part of any brochure printing, to your marketing strategy. You need to be able to dazzle them when you print brochures, so it is only fitting that you build your message around a memorable design theme. It will depend on what type of business you are in, your immediate and long-term goals as well as how much response you are realistically looking to get out of your efforts. Here is a look at some great ways to convince people to shop with you…. [continued]

Designing A Basic Brochure
Designing your brochure printing should be a piece of cake if you know what you want out of the finished product. Most people have a vision of what they want their custom brochures to look like, which can be easily achieved simply by calling your online printer to discuss details or by using their design templates online. Keep in mind that you are trying to accomplish two goals: one is to create them to attract a wide audience and the other is to invent a positive message that they can easily convert interest to a solid sale…. [continued]

Choosing the Right Typesetting For Business Cards
Typesetting for your business card printing is important for conveying the most crucial information that you have to offer your customers. Without the right kinds, you risk the lack of any creativity, understanding and flow. People need to be able to full internalize your business brand including what you can do for them, what your style of doing business is and everything else that comes with the package of successfully marketing yourself with business cards…. [continued]

Business Card Elements of a Beverage Professional
Whether you are a wine aficionado, a beer connoisseur, a fan of champagne or an expert on carbonated sodas, there are business cards for you. Some might think that there is nothing professional about somebody who is associated with the beverage industry, but to the contrary business card printing is perfect for anybody who invents, tests, bottles, distributes or otherwise has an active passion for the tastes of non- and alcoholic drinks. They are around the corner at your supermarket, liquor store, public gathering, concession stands and other places where libations are sold…. [continued]

Top 5 Video Game Characters For Designer Business Cards
If you are a video game designer and are in need of custom business cards that communicate your ideals as a professional, why not use one of your favorite characters of all time as a graphic? It is safe to say that many people of the same ilk have used a variety of characters for their business card printing in efforts to be nostalgic and creative at the same time…. [continued]

Photograph Techniques That Are Perfect For Your Brochures
The camera is a beautiful instrument, especially in regards to what it can do for your professionally printed brochures. Whether you own your own studio, freelance as a photographer for weddings or musicians or just plain like being in control of your own still shots, there is a brochure somewhere that is begging for your skills. Like most picture aficionados, you have probably experimented with one or more of the following tactics to increase creativity. But if you have not, certain design programs such as Photoshop will be able to assist you with some of them…. [continued]

Quality Materials For Quality Catalogs
What goes into the creation of your custom catalogs? You know that it is a combination of a few different things that make your catalog printing the beautifully finished piece that it is every time you host a big retail event or instigate a massive coupon advertising campaign. You also know there is a certain amount of TLC that is put out by the experts behind the printers. Even though technology has come a long way, it is fair to say there is individual selections and manufacturing going on well before your assembled catalogs make their debut in your store, as a direct mailer or a free giveaway…. [continued]

Typing Elements That Bring Out The Best In Business Cards
Your business cards can always use a rebuff no matter which type of industry you are currently in. Business card printing just looks better when you update the font type, message, graphics and style for a new breed of consumer. When it comes to the typeset, there are thousands of font styles that host a variety of funny-sounding names, each with its own stylistic function. You can even go online and buy the rights to a particular new design that strikes you for a nominal charge. Open a popular magazine, scan the ads and get inspired for something new…. [continued]

Designing Your Easter Catalogs
Easter is a wonderfully festive time for consumers to sift through your company’s catalog printing in search of the next bunny-inspired home décor and other goodies. Many people still rely on the power of a catalog to tell them about new products despite how aged of a tactic it has become. Not everyone has access to the internet and you cannot always find what you are looking for by solely relying on it to serve your diverse needs as a customer. That is why it works to your advantage as a business owner to print them with fantastic creativity and originality with every passing year…. [continued]


Choosing the Right Typesetting For Business Cards
Typesetting for your business card printing is important for conveying the most crucial information that you have to offer your customers. Without the right kinds, you risk the lack of any creativity, understanding and flow. People need to be able to full internalize your business brand including what you can do for them, what your style of doing business is and everything else that comes with the package of successfully marketing yourself with business cards…. [continued]

4 Emotions That Could Get Your Brochures Noticed
In regards to your brochure printing design, there are several different emotions you can choose from to help your customers pick them up and read further. Some people use these types of custom brochures in the medical world to identify with people and their physical pain while others use them to exhibit the kind of happiness that comes with purchasing a product from the company who issued them. It is still as relevant as ever to include a person’s face on the cover that depicts the type of feeling you are attempting to attract. Here are the most common ones…. [continued]

Business Card Elements of a Beverage Professional
Whether you are a wine aficionado, a beer connoisseur, a fan of champagne or an expert on carbonated sodas, there are business cards for you. Some might think that there is nothing professional about somebody who is associated with the beverage industry, but to the contrary business card printing is perfect for anybody who invents, tests, bottles, distributes or otherwise has an active passion for the tastes of non- and alcoholic drinks. They are around the corner at your supermarket, liquor store, public gathering, concession stands and other places where libations are sold…. [continued]

Nifty Ideas For Business Card Themes
When you are in the mood for nifty business card designs and thematic elements, you have arrived at the right article. More people are abandoning traditional styles of business card printing in favor of plays on things that are found regularly in society but are possibly underappreciated. You do not have to look very far to be able to capitalize on the right theme for the job. In fact, simply imagine everything you know that is long and rectangular and you will be on your feet in no time…. [continued]

5 Kinds Of Brochure Designs Worth Pursuing
To most people, brochure printing is just a piece of paper setting in a rack or in-store display of some sort. But to the businesses themselves, they are versatile instruments in gaining a foothold in an area market. Printing brochures is usually one part art form, another part informational outlet that aims to get you more business while increasing positive relations with your customers. Depending on what your immediate goals are, there are a few different types that work for variable situations. These can be your ticket to a successful campaign if you use them in the right places at the right times…. [continued]

How QR Codes Work For Business Cards
By now you might be wondering what those little black and white dotted images are that are becoming more commonplace on business cards everywhere. They are called QR codes, which is short for quick response codes and they can help transform your business card printing into a vehicle for marketing your business in a much more sophisticated world. How do they work? What can I do with them as a business owner? These questions and more are answered below in this segment of digital interaction and print marketing…. [continued]

Making A Better Overall Brochure Design – Part 1
Sometimes a printed brochure is one of the only things that keeps business coming through the door at a specific company. Other times it is used only as a supplement to a larger package where custom brochures give out relevant but not the most important information. If you are looking to keep updating this time-honored marketing tactic, you simply have to keep a few different things in mind. There is always the option of hiring an online printing and designing company to give you a whole new look, but if you are creating them yourself, here is a short guide on how to keep the best ideas flowing…. [continued]

Making A Better Overall Brochure Design – Part 2
Brochure printing is an art best mastered by a professional online printer. In the second part of this brochure printing segment, you will learn about more great tactics to keep your marketing materials updated and ready for action. Even if your current prints are doing okay, there is always something you can learn from other examples on the web. History shows what works and what does not, which means paying attention to the little things will help you well on into the future…. [continued]

Inspiring Artistic Maneuvers For Catalogs
When you create your own catalogs online with the help of a printer that knows its way around the designing room, there is always a fair share of room to use things that you know people are in to nowadays. There is always resurgence in some mainstream cultural phenomenon from days of old (i.e. press sensationalism) or a piqued interest in modernist artwork that can work well for the overall image of your catalog printing. Whatever it is, choose a style and go with it on your next advertising campaign. You never know who will reach out because of it…. [continued]

Physical Design Must-Haves For Postcard Printing
Printing postcards with a few colors and words strewn about is no way to go on with your mail marketing campaigns. You should always have a clear plan in mind and a way to execute that plan in order to print postcards that are fresh every time. Some people are just not aware of all the things technology of today is capable of doing at an online printer near you. Shoot, it does not even have to be near you and you will still receive your order within a week at most…. [continued]

More Ways That QR Codes Work For Business Cards
It is obvious that QR codes are rearing their heads around every corner of the marketing sphere, including on business cards. Magazines, posters, flyers and postcards are being printed with these adorning the corners and backsides as a way to keep in touch with customers whenever they are out and about. Business card printing turns into a different animal when QR codes are involved, giving way to a plethora of information that is easily accessible online and through the use of smart phones everywhere. The more you see these out in public, the more you can count on the fact that any particular business that uses them is making the effort to seize the moment and reach customers in very different ways…. [continued]

4 Tips On How To Design Brochures With Confidence
Designing your own brochures is something that can be carried out with confidence if you lend the right content to their creation. All you really need for a successful brochure printing campaign is an easy-to-follow pattern mixed in with a little creativity of your own. Some businesses call for elaborate pieces made with multiple colors and panels while others are simply looking for a simple tri-fold layout. It is clear that whatever you do, the presentation, feel and overall look of your custom prints should help turn your services into actual converted revenue…. [continued]

Important Design Elements Not To Forget With Postcards
When you are considering a postcard printing campaign to direct mail to your customers, there are certain things you simply cannot afford to miss out on. In order to be as effective as possible while printing postcards that make a big statement in the name of your company, you have to pay attention to the details that help strike a chord with consumers everywhere. There is never a limit to the potential that these elements can have on a target population, but there are a select few that make up every successful print that gets sent out nowadays…. [continued]