Typing Elements That Bring Out The Best In Business Cards

Your business cards can always use a rebuff no matter which type of industry you are currently in. Business card printing just looks better when you update the font type, message, graphics and style for a new breed of consumer. When it comes to the typeset, there are thousands of font styles that host a variety of funny-sounding names, each with its own stylistic function. You can even go online and buy the rights to a particular new design that strikes you for a nominal charge. Open a popular magazine, scan the ads and get inspired for something new.

Quotations and Apostrophes

If you want to catch your target audience right away, add a quote from a famous person, the company’s owner or president or even one straight from the business professional whose name is emblazoned on the front of the business card. Also the use of apostrophes makes for some space-saving conjunctions in reference to the card and its 2×3.5 inch face. These words generally tend to roll of the tongue quicker and convey meaning without having to print many words. Fewer words means more room to blow up the font size as you will want to be able to have messages that everyone can read.

Avoid Bolds and Italics

If you can help it, it is best to stay away from these cumbersome additives only because there are plenty of fonts out there that simply do not need it. Your business card printing should be as readable as ever and these two tactics only serve to muddy up the situation. Font families generally have automatic groupings that include some form of these so if you particularly enjoy a certain one, use it without adding this to it and you will get people to read it more thoroughly.

Long Dash Vs. Short Dashes

To create a longer pause and subsequently a more powerful statement in some cases, use the em-dash or long dash. It looks old-school when you pepper two shorter ones in there to go for the same effect. Computer programs that help print business cards nowadays have the capability to churn out the em-dash in order to make you look better when your customers are reading them over. It is a good sign of the times and makes you appear to be current on your trends and styles.

No Caps

Unless it is to be explicitly used in your business title, you should stay away from caps lock when writing your content. You do not need to come across as a yeller when promoting your products and services. People can “hear” just fine when it comes to a 2×3.5 business card so let them gather the information on their own without the hollering.