Top 5 Video Game Characters For Designer Business Cards

If you are a video game designer and are in need of custom business cards that communicate your ideals as a professional, why not use one of your favorite characters of all time as a graphic? It is safe to say that many people of the same ilk have used a variety of characters for their business card printing in efforts to be nostalgic and creative at the same time. But which ones bring back the best memories in the eyes of potential business contacts? Which ones are the true heroes of the gaming underworld who deserve to be on your official credentials?


Without a doubt, the most famous character in all of video games, Mario is easily identifiable by just about anyone walking the earth. He is nearly as big as McDonald’s and Coca-Cola (and is even red like they are). The best part is that people of all ages can relate to Luigi’s partner in conquest which makes your business card stand out against all other characters. Having the Italian-American plumber adorn your materials is like having a universal signal that your methods as a designer are far-reaching and enlightening.


The hero from the Zelda franchise lives in a slightly different world than Mario but nonetheless he is a good choice for the designer who gets wrapped up in the world of his games. Link’s story is an epic one with a lot of medieval-based garb and far-off lands. He could suggest to your customers that you are incredibly detailed in your work as you let little stand in your way for too long. Today, graphic designers can easily add the updated animation of Link to the front or backside of your business cards with a special gloss coating and full color printing put to good use.

Donkey Kong

One of the all-time greats, Kong is the brute force behind the video game classic of the same name. He has made several reappearances in Nintendo games for years, even the most recent ones to be released. By putting him on your card, you show people that you are a force to be reckoned with. You have a clear idea of villainy and heroism and can build a story from front to back using these ideas well.

Samus Aran

Samus is the heroine of Metroid and all of its updates. She exudes a toughness factor and is a pretty close prototype for the Halo franchise lead character of Master Chief. Her armor protects her and allows her to roll into a ball in order to easily navigate tight spaces and tunnels, giving her extreme versatility, a trait that translates well onto a printed business card.

Master Chief

Contemporary gamers adore this Halo leader as if video games were just born yesterday. Look to add him to cater to the appetites of modern, younger clients. He is confident, courageous and unstoppable.