Photograph Techniques That Are Perfect For Your Brochures

The camera is a beautiful instrument, especially in regards to what it can do for your professionally printed brochures. Whether you own your own studio, freelance as a photographer for weddings or musicians or just plain like being in control of your own still shots, there is a brochure somewhere that is begging for your skills. Like most picture aficionados, you have probably experimented with one or more of the following tactics to increase creativity. But if you have not, certain design programs such as Photoshop will be able to assist you with some of them.

Time Lapse

This is one that you will have to adjust the shutter speed for. In order to take that perfect time-lapse shot, you should first pick a subject that will change or evolve slowly, such as that of a rising sun, the starry skies or a neon glow stick being passed through the air. If you set it just right, you will be able to capture the image as a whole with every position amassed in a streak of motion across the frame. These make for some fairly interesting photos to say the least and can be the perfect addition to marketable brochure printing for businesses of all sorts.


Here is one that is manipulative by software program and can turn objects into different color schemes easily. It allows people to make skies yellow, grass blue, palm trees burnt red and other nifty variations. It can make people turn into ghostly white images and make a pleasant picnic setting in a modern park look like a vintage photo stock. Basically it can turn your brochure printing into something that it does not seem like it is.


Similar to the last technique, this one transforms the image while playing with shadows, lighting and washed out elements. It can make bright items seem whiter and lighter like the rays of the sun, the smoke from a gun or an illuminated tree trunk. It casts deeper blacks onto the shadows of the image, almost making it impossible to see the defining characteristics of a particular part of a face. You can achieve silhouettes and other rustic-looking photos just by clicking a few options in your design shop toolbar.

Wide-Angle Lens

This is a particular lens that can only be attached to the camera itself. It has the ability to gather more content within the frame by slightly distorting it into a circular bulge. It is in this manner that the insides of football stadiums and basketball arenas can be captured in their entirety from a high perch. There is no need for panorama shots. When used in various settings, there is much to be experimented with when it comes to close-ups and long shots of your favorite subjects. Brochure printing can benefit from all of this when used in a creative way.