How to Use Flyers to Promote Concerts

Concert and other event promotion take a lot of effort. After all, if you can’t get attendees to come to a specific place at a set time, your concert just won’t be a success. Whether you are on a mission to get people to rock out to an alternative group or pay homage to a music icon with a tribute band, flyers are an effective way to garner an audience.

Flyers really speak for themselves (when they are designed right) but placement is key. If you want high school students to attend, don’t post your flyers on the local nursing home bulletin board. This is an obvious example of what not to do, but how to strategize for your specific event can be a little trickier. If you don’t know exactly where the people who like your music will be, opt for neutral locations like coffee shops and community centers. These are popular places for a varied demographic.

When it comes to flyer printing, it is smart to avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket. Order a large enough quantity that you can put them up in places you aren’t sure will be successful. The more people see your flyers up around town, the better chances you have of getting them to come to your concert. Once you have secured enough locations, go for a few more in the area. You can’t assume that everyone who takes a certain road to work will walk by a specific light post or store front, so open up your options to include places you may not have considered before.

Before you actually print the flyers you plan to plaster around town, make sure everything appears accurate and best presents the information about your concerts. Basic contact information, ticket prices and availability and an attention-grabbing presentation of the performers are all basic necessities every concert flyer should have. Make sure yours has these and puts a spin on the standard, so people won’t miss your marketing scheme and will learn enough about your concert to actually be able to attend.