How To Stay On Top of Your Postcard Mailing List

These days, postcard printing is only half of the proverbial pie as direct mailing services have come to occupy the ranks of the online printer. It is only fitting to incorporate a full-scale direct mail department when you have to continually update your solutions to a widening expanse of new customers and old ones that demand more usability out of their marketing. If you choose to have both outfitted for your company’s purposes, you must stay on top of your customer list so that your demographic is always being marketed to the right way.

Get Updated, Not Outdated

Some companies choose to mail postcards and forget that their customers are changing by the day. Try to instill an updating system that your most loyal customers can log on to and change details voluntarily as they come about. For example some common ones include change of address, divorces, deaths and marriages can influence how accurate your addressing information is. Be sure to check in with your constituents at all times to maintain a healthy business relationship.

Divide and Conquer

Your customer list should be organized so that you can send printed postcards to them knowing full well which category they fall into. Divide up your entire list so that individual constituents are separate from actual business entities. Likewise, you should divvy them up into prospective and current customers so that you know which type of message to send to any particular group. Your message will be much different when marketing to a potential buyer as opposed to somebody who has historically been one of your best customers. There is a great opportunity for incentive-driven collateral when it comes to first-timers and past individuals who may have signed up for your company credit card, for instance.

Proofread Exact Names

Sometimes when you open a phone book, you can see how it might make your postcard printing sound awkward. There could possibly be two or more Charles’ in there with the same last name, in which case they might abbreviate certain ones with C or C. S. to denote a middle initial. This might not always read well on the front of your postcards so it is wise to comb through and flesh out the abbreviations.

Military and Foreign Addresses

These can be tricky ones and are always going to be beneficial to check on before addressing each one. There are a whole lot of singular letters, numbers, dashes and other specialized parts to them. If you have not received much of a response back from a particular one, perhaps you should double check with that individual to see if they have moved back stateside or elsewhere respectively.