Designing Your Easter Catalogs

Easter is a wonderfully festive time for consumers to sift through your company’s catalog printing in search of the next bunny-inspired home décor and other goodies. Many people still rely on the power of a catalog to tell them about new products despite how aged of a tactic it has become. Not everyone has access to the internet and you cannot always find what you are looking for by solely relying on it to serve your diverse needs as a customer. That is why it works to your advantage as a business owner to print them with fantastic creativity and originality with every passing year.

Change Styles…

Everyone associates Easter with a few different things like bunnies, eggs, decorating and spring-like colors. If everybody uses this for their own custom catalogs how original do you think yours will be by using the same? Instead, try to think of these themes in terms of how they could relate to your business. For example, do not simply build a landscape with happy rabbits and hidden egg hunts, rather highlight your grocery specials with plays on the words closely associated with the holiday (i.e. Hop on in for a little spring in your step!)

…But Stick With Tradition

Kids and parents still love to see those classic images of decorating hard-boiled eggs and other light-hearted activities so it is never a bad idea to use them whenever you have a chance. Your company could be advertising for Easter activities to do around the house such as color the sidewalks with chalk, build arts and crafts or otherwise help in the overall expression of joy. People enjoy knowing that they can return to a springy feeling every April or March, which means the more you stick to marketing with the traditional themes, the better your sales season will be.


Your online catalog printer can print you beautiful 4-color pieces with offset technology, meaning you will get precise colors, bold aesthetics and a crisp, quality feel throughout the whole thing. Light greens, purples, pinks, teals, yellows and more generally make up the good feelings associated with the Easter season so do not be afraid to use them plentifully on each and every page, including the cover. This will help liven it up for people who are voluntarily or involuntarily (i.e. direct mail) going to thumb through and see what is in store for them.


No matter what you ultimately choose to order for your Easter marketing season, whether it is catalogs, postcards, brochures or custom booklets, you should always get them customized to reflect your personal and business-oriented values. Can people feel pleasant while reading through them? Do they have that glossy texture to them that makes it easy to flip each page while protecting it from smudges? Ask your online printer about customization in order to put your touch on the piece before it is sent to press.