Designing a Good Call To Action For Your Brochure

There are many ways to add a call to action, the most important part of any brochure printing, to your marketing strategy. You need to be able to dazzle them when you print brochures, so it is only fitting that you build your message around a memorable design theme. It will depend on what type of business you are in, your immediate and long-term goals as well as how much response you are realistically looking to get out of your efforts. Here is a look at some great ways to convince people to shop with you.


Maybe you are introducing the professional who is available to help your customers. You can randomize each greeting according to the experts behind the veil, which will only serve to help personalize your brochures even more. When you speak directly to a customer on a personal basis, such as letting them know who their contact will be, you begin to form a more focused relationship rather than a generalized blathering about this or that type of deal going on.


Many businesses use helpline messages as a way to give workers and customers alike an option to seek advice or gain knowledge on their rights. It could be a workplace phone number to reference safety or wage laws or it could be a way for clients to call in to make official claims on a proposed service. Making these types of phone numbers available in your printed brochure can lead to a happy workforce and an informed public. It shows that you are not an unscrupulous entity and are willing to make every available means of information available to them.

Question and Answer

Sometimes a basic question is all it takes to get people to read further. Sick of paying insurance? Injured in an auto accident? Need a tax preparation service that gets you the biggest refund? All of these are simple questions that a specific business can answer. Present it to them, provide multiple solutions and finish it off by giving them your contact information.

Limited-Time Offers

Getting people to act is one thing, but getting them to do something with a sense of urgency is even better. Providing an ultimatum for your offers to take place is a great way to incite people to act. If they can save $40 by coming in for an appointment this week, they are sure to take advantage of it before the next week kicks in as they might have to pay regular price at that point.

Sweet and Short

Some products do not need much introduction. Consumables like edible treats and other visually stimulating products might only require some color here and there along with a quick quip about buying it. It could be as simple as saying Buy Now or Enjoy One Today to be effective.