Designing A Basic Brochure

Designing your brochure printing should be a piece of cake if you know what you want out of the finished product. Most people have a vision of what they want their custom brochures to look like, which can be easily achieved simply by calling your online printer to discuss details or by using their design templates online. Keep in mind that you are trying to accomplish two goals: one is to create them to attract a wide audience and the other is to invent a positive message that they can easily convert interest to a solid sale.

Decide A Fold

Folding schemes are one of the most important parts of any brochure printing campaign. Are you making them for a highly technical audience that will require much explanation? A multi-paneled option is probably right for you. Are you looking to create a basic buzz around your new business venture? Perhaps a tri-fold brochure, the world’s most classically used form, is the one that will get you there.

Pick A Coating

Your online printer will generally host a few different choices as far as glossy coatings go. Any time you use a gloss for the pages, you automatically help reinforce the piece so that whenever it is handled, it will stay intact and free from smudging and other unsightly stains. Your options are usually aqueous, high-gloss UV and laminated coatings, each with a slight upturn in quality and sheen respectively. People who opt for lamination typically get the best response because it provide high levels of protection and reflects a lot of light which can be helpful for catching the eye from afar.

Photos and Colors

Depending on which type of business you operate, basic clipart might not cut it. You should be looking to use actual photographs of your company and its employees in action or a similar scene that promotes your message. People are much more piqued to react to brochures that feature real-life pictures, especially if you are involved in the humanities or simply want to show the public that you are what you eat. Full color printing likewise should never be an afterthought as you need it to establish your company branding image. Plus, it just looks better when you are trying to convince your customers that you are for real.

Fonts and Headlines

Pick one or two fonts and stick with them throughout the entire piece. You do not need to confuse everyone with unreadable text and inconsistencies, otherwise you risk losing their faith in you and your marketing materials. Headlines should be bold and concise while being prominent but not overpowering. These will help guide the reader to where they want to go. Everything should work in harmony with one another to convince people who read your brochure printing to visit your web site or location and make a purchase.