Customizing Your Brochure Designs

Brochure printing starts with the design room, which means you should bring a few ideas to the table when working with your online printer to get them done fast. Custom brochures are the best way to get at your customers in a market that needs an increasing amount of different material in order to help drive the dollars to your company coffers. However you choose to do this is ultimately up to you, but there are a number of things that have worked well for people in your position in the past. Focus your efforts on these four things and watch as your demographic heads for your front door.

Make One Thing Clear

You should have a clear goal in mind when printing brochures. Sometimes it is to make an offer that people will hopefully not be able to refuse such as a big discount on a popular product, the promise of a free gift with purchase or even a customer appreciation giveaway. If your goal is to get 200 people to act on a $20 off coupon on their next wheel alignment, then you should make that your largest, boldest piece of information. If it is to get people to donate to a good cause, use one whole panel as a tear-off mail-in form. Just be sure that you drive the reader to your goal.

Lay Out the Lifestyle

Who are you talking to when you print brochures on behalf of your company name? You should build them up around a specific lifestyle that goes along with the customer. If you are selling jogging equipment, imagery of runners, sweatbands, water bottles, MP3 armbands and other accessories should be front and center with a message that caters to these types of people. Research and find the heart of the matter at hand. What is it that people want from you that you have to offer them?

Explain the Benefits

How would it feel to drive your car with these brand new racing tires installed today? What would you feel after seeing the chiropractor for two weeks? What kind of amenities are there in Playa Del Carmen when you visit there for vacation next month? These are all worthwhile benefits to explore in your brochure printing as they highlight exactly what everybody wants to hear. Make sure you are hitting on all of the cylinders so that they know everything to expect if they make a purchase based on the information you have given them.

Deduce Their Need

You should be printing brochures because you know that there is a demand for the services you provide. Find out more than just what people need on the surface. Often there will be mini markets that are a part of the overall package (i.e. accessories, follow-up services) so you should focus in on a target and attack that need with every kind of solution available.