Current Trends For Printing Booklet Travel Guides

Booklet printing is a main source of information for travelers of all types, whether they are leisurely or business-related. Most of the time even a business trip can be viewed as a mini-vacation, which means your printed booklets should aim to develop a gorgeous layout that shows people what some of the destinations really look and feel like. The current trends are much like old trends in that you are still trying to sell somebody on the idea of visiting such a place, however nowadays there are simply many more spots for people to travel to.

Thicken Your Booklets

Your custom printing does not need to be so much large in dimension as it should be thick in page count. People like to be given options so the more full-color layouts you incorporate, the more choices you give the customer and the more in awe they will become. Most online printers have full-service bindery available which means there really is no limit to the amount of pages you can use. There is coil and side-stitched binding, perfect binding and much more to be had. All you have to do is research the types and find out which one is best for you.

Use A Lot Of Color

This should simply be a given with any kind of print marketing you order online, but especially so in the case of custom booklet printing for travel agencies. How else will you get the full effect of a sunny beach in South Florida, a beautiful Mayan temple in Mexico or the gorgeous purple peaks of the Appalachian Mountains? Every page should be brilliantly lit up with the natural beauty of some of these places. It helps support the colorful culture that inhabits these places so differently in subtle and very visible ways.

Glossy Coatings

No pleasant setting or scenery should be complete without a glossy coating. This can help bring out the gorgeous colors a little more by instituting a shiny covering. These are usually in the form of aqueous, high-gloss UV and laminated coatings and can be applied with one quick signal to your online printing company today. Imagine the loss of liveliness if you went with a drab uncoated paper stock for each destination in your booklet. It would be difficult for anybody to get behind the idea of heading anywhere on a plane or train.

In-Depth Information

Details are everything besides the presentation of the piece. If a customer does not know what they can expect out of visiting a place, they might opt for another or none at all. That is why it is important to outline every hotel, every amenity and poolside bar, every sightseeing spot and attraction and ways to save money or get discounts on the popular activities. They should be able to plan out an entire week with the information you give them so be specific.