Choosing the Right Typesetting For Business Cards

Typesetting for your business card printing is important for conveying the most crucial information that you have to offer your customers. Without the right kinds, you risk the lack of any creativity, understanding and flow. People need to be able to full internalize your business brand including what you can do for them, what your style of doing business is and everything else that comes with the package of successfully marketing yourself with business cards.

Get Away From Conformity

Most people own a PC or Mac at home, but the last thing you want to do is use one of their preconceived fonts (unless they have just broken out with new programs and new designs for users to upload.) There are many web sites out there that give you access to font styles, whether you have to pay a small fee for them or not. These are always incredibly creative and perfect for business card use. You have to be sure that when you apply a specific kind to your card that the person reading it will be able to understand it and see it clearly. Sizes are often very small so there will not be a lot of room as it is to incorporate your message. Spend the couple bucks it will take to own a font completely and use it to the best of your abilities.

Pick A Large Family

Font types come in a wide variety of thicknesses, widths, heights, and other aesthetic traits, which means you should choose one or two that have variations on one precise style. This especially comes into play when you wish to use one type but still utilize every kind of that family on your printed business card. For instance, if you like Helvetica, try the bold for a headline, medium for subheads, and extra bold for your web site or some other highly important piece of information. Oftentimes these will give you the option of having a sans serif or serif font choice for all of your needs on both the front and back sides.

Always Imagine Tiny

Your stock will traditionally be 2×3.5 inches spatially speaking, which means your typesetting will need to be extra small in order for you to fill it out with the right tidbits properly. Test each kind on a small group of people, perhaps your employees. Would an elderly gentleman be able to read the fine print? Could someone easily navigate to your office, your web site or a phone number for which to reach you? Always give make sure your target audience can comprehend everything and use it to its fullest extent before printing business cards for your professional purposes.