Business Card Elements of a Beverage Professional

Whether you are a wine aficionado, a beer connoisseur, a fan of champagne or an expert on carbonated sodas, there are business cards for you. Some might think that there is nothing professional about somebody who is associated with the beverage industry, but to the contrary business card printing is perfect for anybody who invents, tests, bottles, distributes or otherwise has an active passion for the tastes of non- and alcoholic drinks. They are around the corner at your supermarket, liquor store, public gathering, concession stands and other places where libations are sold.


The big moneymaker of the entire industry, alcoholic beverages account for a great deal of the market share. Beverage producers and representatives travel all over to tout the next big flavor of beer and liquor. Business card printing only helps them achieve their goals by giving retailers the contact information necessary to obtain their own cases of the latest products. These can be handy to give out at wine and beer tasting events too, as many people become quickly interested in new cabernets, India pale ales, porters and Chablis wines. And because the palettes of those who love their booze is constantly undergoing changes, reps must hone in on that and adjust their companies toward the demands of patrons everywhere.


For extreme sports and the personalities that follow them, energy drinks are a kick in the pants. They are a huge market and include everything from 5 Hour Energy to Monster to little spinoffs of Mountain Dew and other name brands. Creating your own business cards with hot colored graphics, jagged lines, big headlines and an in-your-face feel to it will help you market your drinks to the 18-30 demographic that people so hotly covet. As new energy beverages hit stores, spokespeople must have a business card on them to help spread the word.


Lime-flavored colas, vanilla-infused sodas and other crazy new twists are being put on pop from every company all the time. Sometimes it is voter-driven content that decides what the next big flavor will be. But you can always expect to see a few representatives inside your area grocers handing out ice cold samples. Formulas are constantly being updated and with it are the marketing materials of the people who own them. Using crisp and fresh colors like greens, blues, yellows and pinks can help drive thirsty emotions from your customers enough to buy the new drinks.


Usually the healthiest option is juice that either uses partial pure juice extracts or 100 percent as good marketing tactics. Either way there is a wide range of juice types on the market that include everything from wheatgrass to green teas and ginseng. And there should always be a smile and a business card to accompany the ones that burst onto the market in competition with the thousands of others in order to be successful.