Basic Business Card Advertising

Most people have seen full business card printing in action before. There are typically hundreds of styles to choose from when you consider design, paper stock, fold-over business cards versus plastic or matte finishing, inks and color printing to highlight a few. But there is always a set of good balanced tactics that should be evident for every project you order through your favorite online printer. Can you name them all?


This can include everything from your company name to your name to your official title. People want to feel assured that they are doing business with an actual tangible person and entity. Furthermore, they want to be able to call you something other than sir or miss to give your face a realistic identity. If you could imagine the pandemonium that might ensue if your custom business cards excluded these things, you would have an idea of how worthless it might be to print them.

Logo and Graphics

Most companies try to establish their branding identities with a consistent logo or original graphic design to start creating a repetition that is easily remembered in the minds of customers everywhere. You do not want to “beat” it into their heads too much, but just enough to where they will act on your offers periodically. For example, if you were mailing out notices of oil changes and wanted to do it four times in one month, it might be a little overkill considering many new vehicles can go 6,000 miles and up before getting another service.

How To Contact

In today’s digital age, there are multiple ways to get a hold of somebody. Make sure you put down the information for every method you use. This can include things such as phone numbers (direct lines, cell phones, work phones and more), fax numbers, email addresses, web sites, texting services and others. A good business professional typically has three or more means by which somebody could contact him or her. Make sure it is readily apparent and front-facing on your business card printing. The information should be 100 percent accurate as one little mistake could end up being a costly error for hundreds if not thousands of cards.

Full Color

If you choose to incorporate designs, photos and other like aesthetic elements, going with black and white is simply not an option. In order to compete in your local markets, you must have some color present on the cards, whether it is in a small amount or entirely splashed across the business card. Photos look better, graphics stand out more heavily and it contributes to your branding efforts. Look toward online printing to better help you grasp these concepts and usher in a speedy order no matter how many you wish to purchase.