5 Things The Unemployed Should Put On A Business Card

Because of the economy today, not everyone is guaranteed work that allows them to carry around a professional business card. But this does not mean you should not print business cards for your own personal use as a way of finding a job that fits your skill sets. Some people have them to serve as mommy cards so the neighbor families can keep in touch when their kids are at play and doing other extracurricular things. Others have them because they have something to offer the world and are simply at a loss for a real job at the current moment. Here is a look at what should be included.

Personal Skills

Much like the information posted on a personal resume, your printed business cards should feature some quick tidbits about what it is that you can do. Some people can work with their hands, others with computers or people. Outline what it is you specialize in or have a passion for. Potential employers are going to want to know everything that you know in a summed up sort of way. You will not have that much room to state your point so use brief sentences in bulleted form and you should do well.


Likewise, employers will want to find out what you have done in the past that provides validity to your skills. Let them know only your most relevant positions as a person usually has several odds and ends jobs throughout their lives. People will want to see professional skills as well as any people skills that you might have used in the past so try to use what you know they want to see. Covering a broad range of experience is good but keep it short and sweet for the best impact.

Contact Information

The important aspect of your business card printing, contact information will connect your reasoning behind the printing with the fact that you want a job. Make sure every number is clear and accurate so that they may get a hold of you any time. It is helpful to provide cell phones, home phones and any other pertinent numbers so that you are reachable any time.

Former Titles

This can help identify further the skills and experience you have had in your professional lifetime. Titles like director, manager, vice president and assistants are all qualifications that should be highlighted. It makes you look like a utility-person which can lead to a job quicker than if you only put one or two down.

Homemade Graphic

Maybe your skills include computer-assisted design, in which case you should build your own striking graphic for the front of your business card. If not, it is not difficult to find somebody that will. For such a small piece of stock, it will not cost that much to hire out and you can even find them at online printers everywhere.