Writing Taglines For Your Business Cards

A business card is just a piece of paper without the right amount of flare to it. That is why most proprietors try to incorporate a good tagline on their business cards to let their customers know that they have a penchant for creativity as well as the next person. It can put a client’s mind at ease when he or she sees a witty catchphrase at the top of the card. Business doesn’t have to be a scary place with entirely serious overtones at play all the time. Here is a quick guide to writing the right slogan today.

Keep Your Business Name In Mind

The whole point of creating such a phrase is to prompt a reader to remember your company name or generalized service. Sometimes it will be difficult to incorporate it directly into the slogan, but if you can get at the heart of the matter in some way, you will do well to put it out there. Some people start companies solely based on the fact that they can create a slew of word plays with the title. But it takes a certain amount of creativity any way you look at it.

Tout Your Services

A good business card tagline should get down to the basics of what it is your company does. Some people opt for a rhyming scenario while others go for a simple thoughtful saying that is not meant to be entirely flashy. The last thing you want to do is to be completely unrelated for the sake of a “totally perfect” slogan. While it might sound cool, if it does not have anything to do with your services, you might want to return to the drawing board.

Use Clever Word-Play

When a catchphrase has a distinct rhythm to it, customers tend to remember it better. This becomes even truer when you can incorporate it into a radio advertisement or some sort of audible jingle. You can probably think of about 5 jingles right off the top of your head as you read this, which means that company has done a good job with their taglines. Rhyming works well as well as well-known references.

Short And Sweet

As with most content when it comes to print marketing, you want to keep your saying short and sweet. The longer it is the less likely people will be able to recall it when they are in need. There is a whole lot of power in short sentences – a trait that some companies use to its fullest (i.e. Stop. Go. Pennzoil.) When you can execute this effectively, it will make a world of difference.

Give It A Trial Run

Ask your co-workers, ask your family and friends and see if it works for them. You should always seek second opinions and accept any constructive criticism along the way. It could mean the difference between status quo and perfection.