Writing Effective Headlines for Booklets

Your print marketing campaign can really benefit from printed booklets and catalogs. But when it comes to designing the content for print marketing with so many pages, you really need to organize the information appropriately. Catchy headlines are great attention-grabbers. Here’s a few tips and tricks to write the headlines and subheads that will do justice to your products and promotions.

Summarize your statements: If you want to write a headline about a new product, position it above the list of product features and make the statement punchy. You want to add a little jazz to your headlines, but the shorter they are, the better results you will receive. Rather than writing up a sentence, string together a couple of clever words that resonate your subject and if that isn’t descriptive enough, add a subhead below to bring your booklet printing together.

Pair subheads and headlines: If both of your taglines are basically the same, you are writing them all wrong. In order to need both a headline and a subhead for one paragraph or page, you want to make sure that they each say something different. Create your header to be something a little more concentrated and shorter and flesh out the information using the subhead.

Pop a photo under your headline to amplify the effect: Images are great essentials to your booklet printing. If you put a headline right above the photo, people will be more inclined to see the package and it will generate more of a buzz for your promotions. Too many words on one page will distract the reader, so adding a photo here and there can give you a little more to work with.