Who To Give Your Brochure Printing To

OK, so you have created your own brochure printing with the help of your online printer and it looks fabulous. Most large companies will have a specific demographic or two that they are going after with their custom brochures in order to inform the right people about the kinds of services and products they historically buy, especially around the holidays and the changing of the seasons. But if you haven’t done your research (or it was largely inconclusive in regards to your offerings), there are always a few foolproof plans of going about your distribution, and it goes a little something like this.

Moms And Dads

Your favorite people in all of the world (and those most responsible for your existence, upbringing and attitude on life), parents are a huge demographic for almost everything under the sun. They are the breadwinners and because of it, they are part of the informed masses that takes advantage of brochure printing when it is available. Families need everything from vacuums to vehicles, lawnmowers to kitchen supplies and groceries to diapers and shaving kits (don’t forget the bubble bath!) This means almost any company would do well to cater to the parents for any or all of their products and services.

Grandmas and Grandpas

Another core group of constituents, the older generation is a prime target for niche businesses including retirement packages, travel agencies, luxury car sales and other things to make their lives easier and more comfortable to navigate. They also historically have the most money. They have saved up the most cash over the years and have had advantages of working in industries for a long time that dole out pensions and 401Ks. Some grandparents will make lots of purchases just because they can (and if it makes their grandchildren happy!) This is why lots of companies push brochures for the 55+ crowd.

Other Business Owners

Some businesses do well, but they would do better in partnerships with other relatable companies. Because of recent downturns in the economy, many are looking toward mergers as an alternative to bankruptcy and other negative effects. If you can help one another, it might be better for both entities involved.

Random Strangers

This is especially true if you are a salesperson in contact with multiple strangers on a daily basis. You might be able to talk a mad game, but can you send some brochure printing with your potential customers as a future reference tool? Business cards are a great complement to this type of marketing too, so keep in mind all of your options when speaking to a crowd or individual at trade shows and fairs.

Loyal Customers

Who gets the most excited for your newest products? It will be the people who have bought from you before of course. Brand loyalty is huge in some industries, especially when you have a good product to sell. People will recognize this, remember it and be just as stoked for whatever comes next (i.e. the Halo gaming franchise.)