Which Brochure Printing Company Is Right For You?

In today’s online world, there are so many options for brochure printing that it can be quite dizzying to know which one to pick. They all sound so good, so what sets one company’s brochures apart from another’s? That distinction will be based on your personal values and what exactly it is that needs to be done. You can trust that most will be able to produce similar quality results because of the advancements in today’s technology, but can you trust that each will charge the same, have direct mailing available and be able to ship it all that much quicker?

Get a Quote

There are two types of quotes omnipresent at printers on the web: quick quotes and custom quotes. A quick one is obtained simply by visiting their website and selecting a few brochure printing options from a handy drop-down list (i.e. paper stock, glossy coating, quantity, turnaround time.) This will give you a pretty narrow idea of what your price could be if you didn’t order anything extra outside of what’s visibly available on the menu. A custom quote is better obtained through a quick phone call to their company, which comes in handy when you need specific things done to your order.


Can your brochure printer procure an accurate depiction electronically of what your project will look like upon being completed? This should be a free service at the right printer so don’t settle for paying an extra $2 every time you need a proof. Most printers will also be able to send you a hard copy, however this can take a long time to mail, make corrections and send back, which is why proofing by email is far faster.

Ordering Options

In total honesty, commercial-grade printing companies have met the demands of their customers well over the years, which mean your requests might not be as farfetched as you might think. Make sure they have a fully stocked bar of customization, including die-cuts (for custom shapes), multiple folding schemes, sizes and gloss, bindery services, and a comprehensive mailing department to ensure that no matter where your brochures are sent, they make it there quickly, accurately and safely.

Turnover Rates

This is the time when your order is being completed (and generally does not including shipping times.) For custom brochure printing, you should never expect to wait more than 6 business days for your order to be created. Today’s technology gives companies no excuse for not being able to meet quick deadlines, even when you are ordering 10,000 brochures or more.