Where To Use Business Cards Without Talking To Anyone

Here is a truly challenging feat considering business card printing: try to market yourself without speaking to a single soul. Do you think it can be done? Sometimes it is not always about making a personal relationship right off the bat, but simply spreading the word about your company’s presence. Of course, nothing quite beats establishing a face-to-face contact on the spot, but there are effective ways to increase public awareness when it comes to marketing with the world’s smallest printing.

Free Lunch Giveaways

These opportunities are popping up more and more at restaurants all over the nation. Burrito joints, noodle shacks, burger venues and more are getting into the groove by offering a drop box or fishbowl to place your fold-over business card in. If they draw your name during that week of giveaways, you could win free lunch for yourself, your officemates or even something bigger like a year’s supply worth of food! Plus, this gets your information out to the public in a creative way by putting yourself on display in a highly publicized, high-traffic establishment.

Bulletin Boards

Some of these are covered head to foot in custom business cards from companies all around. Gas stations, humane societies, grocery stores, churches, banks, small businesses on Main Street and beyond; they all provide this type of outlet for random patrons to advertise their services and good freely. It is an especially useful tactic in smaller towns as there is less competition to deal with. Sometimes it is wise to pin a small stack of them so that multiple interested parties can partake in the information at once.

Direct Mail Reply

When you find yourself mindlessly stuffing an envelope with another bill payment to the electric company, the water suppliers or the satellite TV specialists, why not throw a business card in there to at least make the prospect of paying a bill a little more exciting? The people who handle your payments are regular people too who need services of all different types performed for them. Show them that you have what it takes to get a job done the right way. You never know if the money you just forked over will come right back to you in a different way.

Inform Existing Customers Of Changes

Sometimes a company undergoes timely changes in its infrastructure. Mailing business cards along with a letter describing the situation can be a perfect way to maintain customer loyalty and understanding. It makes it so that they know you are still available for them if they have any questions, comments or concerns when they need you the most. People like to know who they are dealing with, which is one reason why it is smart to include a full color photo on the front just in case they want to speak directly to you.