Where To Keep Your Business Cards For Easy Access

Business cards are small yet powerful, which means they can get lost easily. But if you order business card printing online today with a set plan in place ahead of time, you can reach for them at any given time, whether it is a convenient moment or not. It is usually not enough to count on one place such as a back pocket or wallet as this will only give you one option when you are in the heat of a potential sell. To keep them on your person is ideal, but it is not always feasible. That is why you should take advantage of every single opportunity listed below in order to be at the ready whenever the moment strikes.


One of the most popular places to keep them, your wallet is generally always on you when it comes time to chat with a business prospect. Hard cover or snap-shut wallets are typically a better choice than a standard leather one as the business cards can sometimes hang out and get defrayed during regular traffic. You want to be as presentable to your contacts as possible, which means keeping these intact during your daily travels is imperative for making a good impression.


Oh what utility women have with their purses! Pick a side pocket small enough for printed business cards to lay straight and undisturbed. Some even have built-in compartments specifically for such things. Because the ladies keep their purses on them as much as men do with their wallets, it makes it an ideal vehicle for keeping a set on you at all times. Plus, it could give you and the prospect something to talk about (β€œIs that a Coach?”)

Center Consoles

Some professionals travel – a lot. This means that you should always have a backup stack somewhere in your car, preferably in your center console to avoid getting them full of grime and dust, not to mention protect them from unwanted abuse. If it is your job to shuttle people around, the car ride is a great opportunity to share your credentials with them. Simply pop open the hatch, grab one and hand off, all while (obviously) describing what it is you can offer that person.

Business Card Holders

Some online printers and office suppliers make these available specifically for carrying them from one place to another. They can be plastic or metal, professional-looking or unassuming. Most of all, these come in handy for protecting your cards from damage while they are being transported. This way you do not have to worry in the event you keep it in your back pocket while driving or sitting in a meeting.