Ways To Effectively Campaign With Catalogs On Campus

When most business owners think of printing catalogs, typically college students are one of the last demographics that make sense. They typically do not have a lot of money, are busy studying and wrapped up in campus life while trying to maintain a job or some semblance of activity in their spare time. But look further and there is actually a burgeoning atmosphere of commercial activity going on that might warrant a small catalog to be printed with just these types of people in mind.


Students are always looking for the next big thing to come out of the technology world. If it can help them study, manage their time or make their life generally easier, they are interested. Things like affordable laptops and tablets, cell phones and planners, recording devices and computer accessories such as flash drives, external hard drives and data transfer cables all come in handy when you are attending classes at an institution of higher learning. Currently, the state of technological advancements has progressed so much that people facing any type of financial situation can afford these things nowadays.

Food Coupons

The quickest way to a college student’s heart is through his or her stomach. When it comes to eating, they have a classic penchant for it, especially when it is cheap, hearty and tasty. Restaurants directly around the area of a university do well by printing catalogs that feature cut-out coupons and are featured in racks all around the entrances and exits of class buildings and student unions. Anytime they can save a buck or two, they are generally willing to use it.


A big contributor to the coffers of liquor and beer industries, students are always looking for that good time Friday night. Liquor stores are always in heavy competition with one another in university towns. It is all about who has the best deals, the biggest selections, the closest proximity to campus and other apartment complexes that primarily house studious individuals. Catalog printing can bring the deals to the masses in ways that other print marketing ploys just can’t.

Sporting Goods

While some choose other extracurricular endeavors, others stay on the active path and therefore are more receptive to sporting goods. Student-athletes are a big target audience for these as they are always on the lookout for new bats, gloves, shoes, shorts and other training gear and equipment. While today’s students are typically more inclined to go and surf the internet in search of performance-enhancing accessories, a well-placed catalog can do wonders for the people who are checking in at the union for a bite to eat or have some time to kill in between classes.