Updating Your Business Cards For a New Year

Some businesses choose to print business cards once and use them over and over again for the next 10 years. While this might have worked at one point or another, it is increasingly difficult to make waves with the same drab business card printing you have always relied upon in this day and age. But how exactly should you go about updating them for a different audience and time? Here is a quick glimpse into the little things you can do to make sure you are not stuck in the dust again.

Change Public Image

Sometimes this requires an entire revamp of your colors, graphics and layout designs. Other times it could mean simply updating your personal mug shot, slogan or other creative purpose. Some companies like Mello Yello kept the same basic color structure for their decorative cans but reinvented the fonts and layout for a market that continues to evolve. It all depends on whether or not your company needs to conduct a series of tweaks or a total overhaul altogether.

Reinforce Your Benefits

An investment in your company is something that should pay out in benefits. Show your customers that there is a clear timeline of when they can expect a desired result. Instead of advertising with business cards that display tangible items for sale, why not go another route and show them how awesome their lives would be once they use them? Sometimes your industry might have fairly clear products and services but they will not always be able to be described at length. That is where you come into play as a professional medium.

Go To Them

Your customers are growing that much more diverse by the day, meaning you cannot always rely on them to voluntarily walk through your doors. Believe that you can impact their lives by reaching out to them. Use postcards, business card printing, mailed brochures and more to put yourself right in front of their faces. People are far too busy these days to pay much attention to things that are not spoon-fed. That is why you need to make yourself omnipresent for their benefit and yours.

Hear Them

You will not get yourself anywhere unless you actually listen to the demands of your customers. Tastes always change which means you need to be there on the front lines whenever they do in order to better serve those around your community. Be sure you see what your competitors are doing at any given point as well, just to be sure everybody is on the same page with trendy topics.