Turn Up the Visual Appeal on your Business Cards

Creating new business cards is the perfect opportunity to reinvent your branding by making a bold impression. It isn’t hard to make these wallet-sized cards customized to stand out in a sea of others competing for the attention of your potential customers. But there are a few primary design tricks that you can incorporate to ensure your printing will be effective.

• Front and back printing is a must!

For the best printing results possible, print on the front and back of your business cards. You can fit twice the content on the same convenient cards.

• Make your cards colorful!

An eye-catching color scheme will really draw attention for your business. There are so many different ways to incorporate color, so make sure that you do it with purpose and find the right hues to represent your business philosophy.

• Brand your business with a catch tagline!

Think of your cards as mini advertising agents and write a concise pitch to best portray your company. If you find one that can look as good on a card as it sounds, designing your business cards around your tagline is an effective approach.

• Don’t neglect the social media side of your business!

Phone numbers, addresses and websites are obvious pairings to include with your business name, but these days they aren’t enough. Get your customers to go beyond the basics and follow you on Twitter, “like” your fan page on Facebook and more by including these contacts on your cards.

• Lead with your logo!

Appealing imagery can really draw in customers to wanting to get to know your business more. If you want to craft a reliable, inviting image for your company, create business cards with a logo or signature image. People really feed off visuals and a signature graphic or image can really take your marketing to another level.