Top Jobs That Require Business Cards

The real truth behind business cards is that anybody and everybody should have some, regardless of whether you even have a career or not. Some people advertise with business card printing when they are unemployed, just to get the word out that they can perform workable tasks just like the rest of them. Some simply find duties at home as a mom, nanny or day-care provider, which can be the perfect opportunity to use them in a semi-professional setting. For all other occupations, pay attention to the people that need them the most.

Real Estate Agents

Buying a house is a huge step in a person’s life, which means there will always be a realtor on their side helping them make some tough decisions. He or she will serve as your personal contact for all things mortgage-related until you close on a new townhome, condominium or 3-level house. They will often provide you multiple access options such as direct cell phone lines, emails, web pages and more. Their business card will be handy because you are bound to run into questions and concerns regarding your FHA loans, interest rates, property taxes, insurance information and more.


Bankers everywhere are turning toward face-to-face networking, often taking place inside of the branch itself, to establish rapport with their customers and give them a contact they can trust. Money-related issues can be a huge burden so it is nice to have someone on your side that can help you with all of your issues. The bank is more than just a place to store your funds. It is an institution that can provide a world of helpful services when it comes to your homeowner and auto loans, building equity, IRAs and others. Branch managers would do especially well to make sure all of their customers get a helping hand, a spirit that funnels down to other employees.

In-Home Servicers

Leaving behind your printed business card credentials after completing a service is one good way to keep a customer’s business over the years. If you have done a good job in a timely manner with no reason for a complaint, your constituents are bound to give you a jingle in the future. Some services already make people flustered, especially when it comes to unforeseen circumstances with plumbing, heating, air conditioning or the like. But if you can communicate with a pleasant set of business cards, as well as your own personality, you’re that much closer to a pleasant experience.


Anybody who owns stock in a company or has a diversified portfolio with their investor can attest to having a card on them at all times. If the market is showing signs of progress and/or decline, these are both reasons to be contacting your representative as soon as possible. Staying up on how your money is doing is part of being involved in the first place – make sure you’re never left out of current trends today.