Tips For Advertising With Catalog Printing

Catalog printing is one of those marketing tactics that houses your entire business mantra inside of one portable and compact piece of material. It has the power to show people what you are made of, what you offer, what you can do that others cannot or will not do, any extra benefits you can bring to the table and a whole lot more. Without custom catalogs, some retailers and other companies would not have much to show for themselves. Plus, people appreciate paging through and interpreting consumer based information on their own. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect ads.


Your headers should always get to the heart of what you can offer somebody without saying a lot at all. For example, if you are a mountain bike retailer, can your readers become intrigued just by viewing your headlines? Do they convey a sense of passion about riding, going faster, traveling longer or on more rugged terrain than usual? These should reflect an arrival of something that consumers have not witnessed or been a part of before in their lives. New or improved products are the key to people’s hearts.

Sell The Benefits

The old adage states that you should sell the benefits of owning such a product or purchasing a new service and the item will sell itself. Why do people want what you have to offer? 8.5×11 catalogs are perfect for detailing all of these traits at length. For example, that mountain bike has more comfortable handlebars and easy to handle gear changing, which adds comfort to long trips and makes it less of a hassle to get from one point to another. You would not simply want to say that it has new handlebars and gear changing mechanisms as nobody would care as much as if you used the former statement.

Use Testimonials and Repetition

If your brand is already established across a large demographic, these might not be as necessary (but they are equally powerful). If somebody has not heard a lot about your business, your custom catalog printing should be repeated heavily as well as put good use to your customer feedback. If your company elicits regular goodwill from its clientele, it is important to put on display for skeptics and people leaning on the fence as it is.


Before printing catalogs, be aware of what your competitors are doing at any current moment. You do not want to communicate the same type of deals or general rhetoric that comes from the mouth of the guys down the street. Instead, offer genuinely unique offers that could only come from your doors. This will get people to consider you before them, especially when it is the promise of a huge discount or something else equally memorable.