Things You Didn’t Know About Direct Mailing Catalogs

Catalog printing and direct mailing go hand in hand like ketchup and hot dogs. That is why they are always being used in tandem with one another in a retail setting or with some other specialized services. But do you know all that there is to know about the act of sending out your custom catalogs? Did you know you can have them printed in bulk and mailed anywhere, any time to anybody and never have to touch a single piece of postage, envelope or sealer? Here are a few more details behind the scenes of online printing’s complete direct mailing systems.

OK, so you have ordered your printing and it is awaiting your command at your favorite online printer. The first thing they will want to know before mailing is your full customer list. Oftentimes they will have their own cache of customers on file that range in demographic details, of which you can sometimes purchase directly from them. Most times, however, your company will have a well-documented, pre-researched group of people that you will want your catalogs to be mailed to. Once you fork it over, it is time to start addressing.

Your catalogs are generally run through a machine that uses inkjet cartridges to accurately and clearly print each recipient’s name and address on a predetermined spot on the mailer. This can be printed directly onto the piece or an exterior envelope most commonly. Any custom sealing is done after this process and can include wafer-seals and other custom styles of clasping the pages together so that they do not fray, tear or otherwise wave willy-nilly during the mailing process.

Some printers can insert a business reply mailer or assemble a package of materials, including your catalog printing, into an oversized mailing package. This can add to your overall professionalism and show your customers that you have made an extra effort to win them over. People are receptive to this tactic and often go with a certain company over another because of the magnitude and care that went into the marketing tactic.

Other things online catalog printers can do include blind shipping, lamination, aqueous and high gloss UV coatings and same-day or next-day shipping (most printers will offer standard turnaround times of between 1-6 business days.) Your order is always guaranteed to be shipped when they say it will because of the regularly scheduled pickup times and drop-offs that take place throughout the day. Many times the post office is in direct contact, making life easier for everybody and creating a win-win situation for businesses, customers and themselves. Perhaps the best overall reason to order catalog mailing is that your printer will handle all size, weight and postage regulations for you. No headaches, no hassle, no fuss.