Things To Double-Check When Booklet Printing

Booklet printing comes with a variety of checkpoints to get to along the way, especially when you are ordering it through your favorite premier printer. Because it is a booklet and not a simple flyer, there will be multiple areas to pay attention to so you can ensure a proper finished result. The simple act of printing these effective pieces leaves lots of room to err, even with the amount of technology involved that protects against it. Nonetheless, you would be surprised to see how many people screw up the simplest things, which is why this list will help you see the light when you order your next project.

Booklet Layout

Right out of the gates, you should make sure that every single page of your booklets stays true to your design ideas. Free templates that are downloadable at most providers’ web sites can assist you when aligning pictures, text, borders and other balanced items. These will help the printer too because your content will be ready for printing with very few issues, if any, to address prior to it being made. Make sure it is the right amount of pages you ordered with no one left blank.

Brand It

In order to create the right buzz about your company, you must print booklets frequently and distribute them everywhere. At the center of your efforts should be your branding strategy, which often includes your company’s logo and other graphics, a slogan or tagline, color toning and even physical aspects such as custom folding or binding. When this part of the process stays consistent, no matter which type of marketing product you wish to order, the easier your customers will identify your efforts.

Product Information

The bread and butter of your custom printed booklets, the product information is what will make or break a person’s decision to buy from you. Have you assembled an appropriate table of contents for easy location? Have you chosen the best images for the portrayal of your products? Did you provide enough detail so that the average reader can understand exactly what they are looking at? These are all imperative to the customer so make sure they are clearly legible and provide only the most fascinating and useful information in order to prompt a healthy level of excitement.


Of course, the bottom line item that most people want to know when reading through your booklet printing is the costs involved. Some services require a few different price points, one for each piece of work that is to be completed. Most retail booklets will have one price per product, making it easier to sell depending on how beneficial it would be to own such a product. It’s important to try and satisfy all of your customers, so aim for a happy medium between low prices and high quality that they won’t be able to find anywhere else.