Things To Do To Your Business Cards Today

Thinking about printing business cards? You don’t have to look further than your nearest most exciting online printer for the best deals and quality on business cards ever. But when it comes to style, design and readout, what is it you wish to accomplish? Many people are afraid to “get a little crazy” when sometimes this is exactly what is needed in order to elicit more solid business contacts and promising leads. Pay attention to these different elements and you could put your credentials on a great path today.

Fold It

A folded business card, you say? A simple fold can turn your tool into a multi-purpose piece of advertising. It could be a card and a table tent, making it clearly visible to your visitors, clients and everybody in between. It is an easy way to switch up tradition, even if it is only a little change. Plus, it gives your card more utility as you can read it from both sides easily.

Plasticize It

Imagine if you were a potential client sorting through your stack of cards you just picked up at a trade show. Through the midst of boring traditional paper stocks, you come across a clear plastic card. It is a tactic not fully used yet today, meaning you can capitalize on this “Aha!” moment at the most opportune times.

Matte It

People pick up on matte finishes almost instantly because of their thickness and textured feel. Give it one of these additions for immediate recognition when it matters the most. It exudes a professionalism that doesn’t exist with standard uncoated paper types.

Splash It With Bright Colors

In today’s age of advertising, nothing goes without a healthy dose of color, including custom business cards. It is what captures attention the quickest and holds the gaze of those who review your materials. Plus, it can act as a brand supporter.

Make It Vertical

Try printing them in a vertical fashion for an unexpected surprise. Who says the rules were made to accommodate traditional landscape styles? You can make your recipient think about your services a little differently, if but only for a moment.

Gloss It

This usually comes standard with most cards and can make a spectacular statement about your business. If you choose a high-gloss UV coating, your cards will bounce light brightly, giving them a phenomenal shine. Aside from that, they will be better protected for regular wear and tear.

Round It

Everybody knows the traditional layout well, but rounding your corners can give them a great feel. Sometimes just the thought or touch of a sharp corner can unconsciously turn a person off from your offering. If you are a smooth operator, why not make your edges just as smooth?

Make It Interactive

People want to be plugged in to their devices, and if they can do business with you through these means, it’s all the better. Print QR codes for use with smart phone technology. Put your interactive website on it. Just make it digitally connective in some way to keep the 21st century contacts happy.