Things Every Catalog Printing Project Should Have

Catalog printing projects are designed by the business owner, for the customers. Custom catalogs have the power to convince a million people during any busy season to make purchases concerning a variable aspect of their lives. It could be food-related (kitchen accessorizing), fashion (Spring dress shopping), transportation (the newest sedans on the market) or even novelty things such as ice cream or disc golfing products. But when it comes time to solidify that final design, here are a bunch of tricks to make sure you pull for the best custom print job ever.

First of all, your cover should have the best-looking vibe of all. You want to be able to hook your potential readers, which mean your brand had better be in tip-top shape, working for you all the time. Some people will simply reach for your catalogs anyway just because of the company’s name or because there is a juicy-looking offer splashed across the front page. At any rate, no good catalog should be without a full-color display that says a lot without saying a lot at all (in fact, the only words on your front should be a headline and 1-2 smaller subheads directly underneath or at the bottom of the piece.)

The best catalogs are the ones that are glossy from page to page. You should always look into ordering an aqueous coating or even a higher gloss UV coat just to make sure you impress your customers. These will shine in the sunlight (or even your office and home lighting) and make your products seem larger than life in more ways than just dimensionally speaking. People enjoy the feel of a glossy coating with every page they turn to.

Does your piece have the proper table of contents to usher readers around its contents? How about spelling issues and grammar checks – have you proofread the whole thing? Errors in information are a huge contributor to the credibility of your offerings. People can pick up on these more than ever (and in some cases, they will simply cause too much confusion and allow for it to be thrown in the recycling bin.) Winning their hearts doesn’t take much, but it all starts with accurate information and shockingly good deals to boot.

An ordering page is still a must-have, even with all the online ordering tools available on the web nowadays. Some people still take pleasure in making a purchase the old-fashioned way: by mail. And speaking of, any type of business can benefit from a direct mailing campaign, especially when you want to reach your customers in the home where they feel most comfortable about making purchases. The more avenues you give your constituents to do what you set out to have them do, the easier of a time they will have with instituting a payment for your goods and services.