The Ups And Downs Of Business Cards Templates

You can create your own business cards online with the assistance of a few clutch tools: the experts themselves, a good creative design and a proper template to add them to. Business card printing, like any style of marketing, requires a creative mindset to produce a result that will convert into solid sales. A template can be both a positive thing and a negative thing, depending on how you look at it. But for the most part, online printers leave them out there for your personal use as a way of helping the process along, not hindering it. That is why when you take advantage of them in a good way, your life could be a lot easier than if you were to try designing from scratch.

The Upsides

Business card templates can save you a boatload of time, which is especially useful when you are on a tight timetable (what kind of business owner isn’t?) If you are the type of person that can get creative with very little, this is definitely your best option. When you hire an outside firm to draw up some graphics, a logo or take a few photos, you waste a lot of time with the runaround. But these are print-ready which means anything you add will be set when it comes to press time.
Another upside is the price: free. Some places will gouge you with small charges ranging from the use of their templates to uploading a photo for creative purposes. This is something you should not tolerate. Your cost will be low and your efficient output high as you go about designing your business cards.
Above all, a template is easy to use. Because they provide the trim, bleed and caution lines for you, not to mention folding lines, they are already prepared to be printed once you add your content to them. Get as creative as you possibly can with pictures, colors, borders and backgrounds while keeping in mind where the finished product will be cut and you will do just fine.

The Downsides

There are potential downsides that can affect how useful they are to you. For starters, templates are incredibly standardized, leaving you room to manipulate basic content. For example, you won’t necessarily be able to add a die-cut or glossy coating without further assistance from your printer. You will only be able to build a simple layout. All customization takes place at a later step.

You might also experience a decrease in uniqueness. Because they are available to anybody looking for business card printing, certain facets are used frequently (i.e. fonts, borders, colors.) This makes it a higher likelihood that your competitors are creating very similar prints, giving your brand less credibility over time.