The Great Postcard Debate

Like most print marketing products, postcard printing come with a lot of different options to choose from. There will be some tough choices to make and some not-so-difficult, but at the end, your online printer will print postcards that follow exactly what you wanted from the start. It might not always be a decision made on design elements or quantities to order (buy in bulk and it will be cheap!) but everything you choose will reflect how professional your company really is in real life.

Electronic Proof or Hard Copy?

This debate has wound up being a crossing point between people who love to order postcards online and others who have traditionally requested hard copies before they approve the design and layout. The upside to the electronic proof is that most of the time it is free, fast and easy. Changes can be made almost instantaneously and sent back to the company at nearly the same speed while a hard copy will take days to make it through the mail system and can cost you up to 100 dollars more. Nevertheless, there are schools of thought behind both and they are still readily available at your local online printer today.

Aqueous Coating or Lamination?

This type of decision will affect how shiny your piece finishes as along with how much protection it will get from smudging, dirt, debris and tearing. To achieve a professional tone, you should always incorporate some level of coating which can include aqueous, high gloss UV and lamination (as part of a standard set of applications.) Aqueous is your most basic style and will provide a decent level of both of the aforementioned. UV is a step up and reflects an exceptional amount of sunlight, fluorescent lighting and other natural sources. Lamination is darn near tear-proof and provides the smoothest glossy finish available for marketing products from business cards to brochures and calendar printing.

Direct Mail Services or Self-Mailing?

Take a second quickly to imagine everything that would go into the art of mailing postcards on your own time and dime. You would need to either hand-write each address on to the back of your postcards or find the printing technology to do it for you. Then you would need to purchase the writing utensil or the proper ink cartridge. Then it is off to the store where you will buy postage in bulk and proceed to apply one to each piece. Any custom folding would also have to be done by you. Or you could skip the whole thing and have your online printer directly mail everything for you. All you would need to do is provide the proper customer list and they would take care of the rest.