Takeout Branding with Business Cards

If you are in the food industry and have a delivery service or takeout menu, make sure you let customers know. Getting food on the fly is the most popular way people eat these days, and the perfect business branding could make you their go-to place for a convenient bite to eat. If you want to make sure your target audience will keep you in mind, design full color business cards that promote your food services. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Make Your Designs Mouth-Watering

People probably won’t taste your business cards, but you don’t have to inject them with flavor to make them effective. If you can create a design that is as appealing to the eyes as your food is to their stomachs, you will be in good shape. An eye-catching color scheme and clever designs are great ways to go about this. Photos and graphics add to the effect.

Give Customers an Incentive

If you are trying to gain customers through your business cards, put a promotional code on it that only they can benefit from. You can offer a percentage off of food, give them a promo that gets rid of the delivery surcharge, or throw in an extra side or soft drink with the order. Whatever the sale is, make sure that customers know that only those who have you business cards can benefit from it.

Make Your Business Cards Magnetic

If you want your food to be convenient, make your card stick. People will be much more likely to turn to your services if your business cards are sticking to their fridge, office cubicle or computer desk. Magnetic cards are a great way to garner attention without even trying. Just print on the front and reserve the back for the magnet.