Startup Company Checklist – Business Cards

Business card printing is a go-to option for most startups as a way of making headway into area markets. If you opt to print catalogs or booklets to start off, you might find it tough to market before you have made your mark on the minds of consumers across town. There are ways to properly use your business cards in order to get people to start talking about you and it all begins with a little common sense. For everything else, you just have to be creative in your thinking in order to pass them out to the right people at the most opportune times.

High Frequency Is Good

Because your custom business cards are among the most affordable (if not the cheapest) form of advertising, you will be able to hand them out to as many people as you come across. There is simply no reason not to hand them out to people you run into at the store, the tire shop, your church, a sporting event or another mass public gathering. Make sure you buy bulk printing online so that you always have some on you when you need them. Plus, you can always enlist the help of your family and friends to be carriers of your credentials in order to spread them further across the consumer landscape.

Attend Local Meetings

There are plenty of groups and other professional organizations you can join to help raise awareness about your company. Kiwanis Clubs, Lion’s Clubs, motorcycle and outdoor enthusiasts, Better Business Bureaus and other chamber of commerce-based factions. You have to work for your exposure when you are a startup, which means taking every action necessary to ensure that more and more people know that you have arrived and are ready to do business. These groups can be powerful tools for helping you succeed.

Use the Internet

This great tool is ideal for helping startup companies get to where they want to be. You can seek advice at small business development centers, hop on the social networks and offer great discounts and big sales, start an email campaign for those customers who have shown interest in the past and maintain a functional web site where you can order products, interact with team members, ask a question or obtain more information about your company. These are all imperative pieces of information that can be printed directly onto your business cards so that your community is completely aware of your intentions and your offers.

Referral Incentives

Your business cards can serve as the ultimate medium for garnering referrals, especially if you instigate some sort of incentive. It could be the promise of a free gift, a big discount on a popular product or service you offer or a credit toward future purchases.