St Patricks Day Postcard Designs That Work

When you think about St. Patrick’s Day as a holiday to market your postcard printing with, the thoughts usually do not go together. But in fact it is a prime opportunity for businesses to get in the spirit by sending out postcards with an Irish twist! Many people forget that this is right about the time when Americans are receiving their tax returns and are in the mood to spend on products, especially when those same products are associated with one of the most festive and jubilant days of the year.

Postcards can be directly mailed to your customers, which means you better have a solid design to help support your message. Oftentimes bars and restaurants will advertise their hot deals for the day including discounted Guinness pints, fish and chips, Jameson cocktails and corned beef and cabbage. These should stand out with a green and orange backdrop and perhaps lettering at the same time. Contrasting colors work best for bringing boldness to the message. Do not forget about the images of leprechauns, funny little limericks and others.

Accessories outlets have a big season too with all the noisemakers, thingamajigs, hats, necklaces and fake beards just for starters. How about the companies that engrave 16 oz. glass pints, large mugs, and other drinking-related memorabilia like beer bongs and can holder hats? St. Patrick’s Day postcard printing is as good a reason as any to get into gear when you have novelty products to unload on an eager public. For all of the aforementioned, there is nothing wrong with posting high-definition pictures of the products themselves being used for their intended purposes.

Sometimes a business will simply use thematic elements that surround St. Patrick’s Day to build their postcards up with incredible offers, even if they do not have anything to do with the holiday under normal circumstances. This could include using a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to signify a treasure trove of savings. It could mean incorporating an Irish accent into the written content of what you are marketing for. Whatever it is, you can count on the act alone of switching up your normal gears when it comes to propping your business up for a busy season.

When you really want a bonus to add to the mix, customize your printed postcards with a center-cut fold (in order to be used as a table tent once you receive them), lamination, die-cutting or complete direct mail services to make sure they reach the appropriate lucky people with Irish heritage. St. Patrick’s Day has never been such an illustrious time to sell your business’ offers. People pick up on your design themes and gobble it all up like they have not eaten in years!