Spine-Tingling Design Ideas For Catalogs

Perhaps you own a Halloween supply shop that utilized catalog printing in order to reach your customers. Maybe you have a horror movie memorabilia store that needs some ghoulish designs for your custom catalogs for them to function properly. Creativity goes a long way in creating the best marketing materials possible which means you should start by hiring an online printer and graphic design team to come up with a variety of helpful aesthetics before you print your next batch of collateral.


There is just no limit to this type of art, especially when you consider people’s personal nightmares and twisted visions of what evil incarnate looks like. Countless designers have lent their skills to obscuring and morphing existing ideas like demons, ghosts, succubus creatures and even real-life scary animals. Do not be afraid to ask your printer for some help in conceiving a truly original piece of art as they typically have lots of graphic designers on hand to do some inventing strictly for your purposes. If they can turn an old tree into something really terrifying, there is something to be said of how powerful they can make the cover of you catalogs look.


These have come to symbolize a lot of different things including evil, bad intentions and ill habits. Especially in cinematic terms, these demons have historically taken on a life of their own. They can sometimes inhabit a lifelike figure or have no real form at all, a plus when it comes to wrapping a customer’s brain around what kinds of awesome products and services you have available on the interior pages of your custom catalog. The more creative you get with it, the likelier your customers will peruse the images and your offers further.

The ultimate way to have complete design freedom, a cartoon can be as nightmarish and fearsome as anything. You can use dark colors, light tones, bloody scenes, midnight moons and virtually anything else that fits in with your marketing plan. Shock value is an important aspect to consider when going for scares so make sure your designer is doing everything possible to achieve a certain tone.

Absence and Glimpses

Sometimes what scares people the most are the things that are not in view (or not fully anyway.) Hitchcock built his entire career on this type of plot point alone. For example, a creepy, spindly and withered hand coming out from around an illuminated doorway or a nighttime scene with dead trees, darkness and a general abyss can work toward showing your customers that your catalogs and their content are for real.