Services Offered By An Online Brochure Printing Company

As a business owner in need of brochure printing, do you ever feel behind the loop when it comes to identifying what exactly your print marketing company can do? Millions of brochure seekers have felt the same way over the years, but you don’t have to be in the dark any longer. Everything you are thinking they can do right now is probably true (and in fact there is much more to it than that.) All it takes is a simple phone call to pinpoint precise services but here is a look at the most common ones across the board.

Free Design Templates

You can download these easily at most printers’ web sites. They make it easier to assemble your brochure printing designs ahead of time so they will be a cinch to submit to press. Look out for pay-to-download templates as this can be a sure sign that the company is willing to charge you for the petty things.

Easy Ordering Process

Can you make your selections online with ease? Can you build an entire order from your computer with step-by-step instructions (not to mention secure pages for your credit card information?) If you don’t feel safe or comfortable, there is probably good reason. Make sure you can get from point A to point B with little effort. See to it that your printer is covered by some sort of authorized security site (such as

Fast Turnarounds

When ordering brochures, you can generally expect to get them from your online printer within a week. For ultra-rush orders, some can pull a same-day or next-day shipment depending on when you get your order approved and submitted for press (and as long as there are not any issues with your layout.) That is why it’s always a good decision to allow yourself plenty of time before your next marketing campaign to get them done.

Direct Mail Services

One of the most underrated and overlooked services on the internet, direct mailing can benefit any size business looking to lose the hassle of mailing their pieces on their own time. Some printers have a full-on staff dedicated only to mailing. They can inkjet address each piece to go to a certain customer list you have already conceived (sometimes you can even buy them off of your printer.) They will be able to custom seal them or insert them into a matching envelope and ship them off at the next available opportunity.


Seek out the brochure printers that are self-conscious about the environment and you will end up getting a far better product in quality while paying far less for the overall project. Costs are always predicated on how much the company has to spend in order to craft your job. This means that the more they reuse and recycle, the better your final cost becomes.