Salon Brochure Printing Tips

The professional hair care can be very competitive. Oftentimes, there are plenty of salons in one area so you always have to be looking to give customers a specific reason to turn to your products and services. If you are looking to promote your latest services, brochure printing is an effective approach. There are many different ways to incorporate brochures into your marketing efforts, but here are a few good tips specifically tailored for the hair care industry.

Feature Your Most Expensive Services

If you want people to pay hundreds of dollars for your Brazilian blowout, you should be able to give them plenty of reasons why it would be worth their time and money. Before and after photos, a list of benefits and a promotion-friendly description of why the service is so expensive are all great ideas to incorporate in your brochure design. People can really benefit from browsing a brochure because it presents all of the information they need to know in one convenient format.

Print Comparison Brochures

Do you carry a few different lines of color or offer more than one type of pedicure? These are great topics to focus your brochure printing on. If you are looking to create informative brochures that will catch the eyes of your customers, place these brochures at the entrance of your store. When someone comes in to get a pedicure, direct them to the print promotions so they can browse the features of the standard pedicure and compare it to the deluxe version. Seeing the extra pampering they will get on paper will help to persuade them to pay a little extra for all of the services they will receive.

Create a Basic Business Branding Brochure

Brochure printing is also a great way to introduce your salon to new customers. You can print an eye-catching colorful brochure that lists all of the services you offer, your product lines and even the basics like your hours and contact information. You can put your logo on it or take photos of your staff doing hair and nails. If people walk out of your salon with a brochure, they are much more likely to keep you in mind and return to you the next time they want their hair done.