Quality Booklets On The Cheap

Booklet printing is one of those things that when executed primarily of your own accord, you can save lots of money when it comes to the actual print process. Your booklets might be your company’s fail-safe option when it comes to marketing, so it’s wise to look into the various ways in which you can trim those costs. For businesses that print these valuable tools quite frequently, think about all the extra budget dollars you could save just by following a few easy-to-remember steps.

Decrease Specifications

You might want to experiment with your printed booklet collateral as you go down the list of what to include. A piece that has far fewer pages will ultimately save you a ton when it comes down to it. Perhaps you don’t really need the bigger size you thought you did when you first set out to create them. That can be decreased too. Always look further into what you can do without to find a cost that fits you nicely.

Think Bulk!

In the world of print marketing, there is always room for future campaigns. All it takes is a little planning and you will be on your way to cheaper booklet printing in no time. The same can work for your custom catalogs as they are the close cousin of booklets. You’ll be able to visibly watch your price per unit fall online with each increment you go up in quantity.

Make Your Own Custom Designs

It is actually not as difficult as it sounds for all of you worried people out there. Simply pick a template at your printer’s web page and start adding things to their press-ready form. There’s no time limit or rushing of your creative input. Just basic tools such as font selectors, backgrounds and borders, color matching, image creation (and manipulation when it comes to size and orientation), text size and more. If you don’t do this step yourself, some printers will charge you for anything that they incur in the designing room.

Be Your Own Scribe

Another facet that gets people in a tizzy is the writing portion of their custom booklets. The truth is there really isn’t much of a science behind it. Just be conversational with as you would with an actual customer standing in your midst. What would you tell them about? The benefits of owning a product or ordering your service are usually the first things that come to mind. Tell them how awesome it would be to have such and such in their lives, but put it to them in laymen’s terms so you can reach a broad audience.