Proofreading Checkpoints For Business Cards

When you are going about an online print order for your business cards, you should always make proofreading a top priority. There is almost never enough times you can check out your business card printing to make sure it reads well and looks as good as it did on the proof. “Hiring” your friends, family and co-workers to scope it out always helps too, especially since you are predisposed to seeing what you want to see. Here are a few things you should comb over once you are good and ready to print cards for your credentials.

Business Name, Your Name and Title

These are quite possibly the most important things that go on your business cards, aside from accurate contact information. If you misspell one of these, you are guaranteed to be the laughing stock of your competitors. Also, check to make sure the format and style of the lettering is correct. Sometimes these can add to your branding efforts, making you a known presence around your community.

Contact Information

The last thing you need on your hands is for people to call a pizza joint down the road by mistake rather than connecting with your consultation services secretary. All telephone numbers should be correct including any cell phones, direct lines, fax numbers and alternate lines. It is best to file these one on top of the other to create some order to the piece so be sure everything is aligned properly too. Web site addresses should also read easily and be of a larger font than other contact information, especially if it is a place to go and order goods online.

Slogans Or Catchphrases

Does your slogan provide a nice rhythm for people to remember it easier? Is it in the right place and not being cut off by the trimming process? This should be double-checked by your peers as well to see if it rings true with the creative side of your business. If it is witty, funny or thought-provoking enough, chances are you will gain more business.

Extra Items

If you incorporate a calendar or schedule of events on the backside of your custom business cards, are they centered properly? How about colors and pictures – do they sit well on the piece as a whole? Can you deduce a lot from very little? These are the goals of your printing project and, when met, can turn it into a fully functional tool that is inexpensive to make and provides an impactful way to reach out to your community members.