Promotional Printing for Theatre Productions

If you are getting ready for show time, promotional printing can be a great way to get people to be a part of your audience. If you are in the theatre industry, turning to full color booklets, flyers and brochure printing can be an effective approach for your marketing campaign. Here are a few tips about how your vibrant 4-color printing can help get your production a standing ovation.

Create Keepsakes for Your Audience

Booklet printing is a great way to string together information about the production, the actors and add full color photos to create something memorable for your attendees to take home. You can pass them out like programs or sell them as keepsakes so the people who go see the performance will have visually stunning booklets to take home.

Spread the Word Everywhere You Can

Flyers are a versatile method of marketing, and full color printing is a great way to get attention and get those tickets sold. If you want to make a statement on the streets, across bulletin boards and wherever else you decide to hang your flyers, make them bold and beautiful with full color designs and vivid photos. This is a great way to bring your show to life before the performance so people can get excited about going to see it.

Pay Homage to Your Production With Convenience

Brochures are the best way to put your promotional slogans and images directly in the hands of your potential audience members. Depending on the size and folding option you choose, you can provide contact information for the theatre, describe the show and its stars and give some background about the story and its message. If you present interesting, colorful shots of the stage and the actors, you will further entice your potential audience to get excited about the show.