Print Marketing Ammunition for your Street Team

If you are a business that banks on your street team to draw attention to your latest products and events, now is the time to add a little fuel to their fire with pamphlets and postcards. While your flyers are out on the walls and bulletin boards around town, garnering eye-catching attention, the people who are out there working for you need to have something to hand out to your customers. This is where full color postcards, pamphlets and other clever print marketing products come in handy.

Street teams are popular man power for businesses looking to expand and generate buzz about them, but without any full color printing to pass out, you are really left to trust their word of mouth, something that can be forgotten really quickly. Postcards give your team a little reminded to pass on to people they meet and if these are designed effectively, they will really increase your follow up!

For the best impact out there, make sure you add your contact information and create an interesting slogan or tagline to the designs. Full color printing is also a must, but if you are planning to print so many postcards that it could go about your budget, you can cut down to black-and-white printing on brightly colored paper to save more of your money.

Postcards are a great options because unlike pamphlets and brochures, they are compact cards that don’t involve any folding with no page turning necessary. For best results, they should be printed on sturdy, glossy paper stock with front and back printing so you can get twice the message on a single card.

If you don’t have a staff photographer, think about hiring one to take original artwork for your print marketing campaign. The more relevant and localized the photos are, the better response you will get from your target audience. These little printing products will add personality to your street team, but before they even get their promotional ammunition in hand, you should make sure they are trained to best represent your business.

Not only should they be well versed on the content of the cards, they should also be willing to go above and beyond that information to answer questions and provide your customers with a memorable marketing experience. The more conversational the tone, the more likely customers will be to catch on to your promotions and attend your events.