Postcard Printing At Work In Various Businesses

For many, postcard printing can mean a friendly message from a loved one, a reminder for an upcoming appointment, a timely notification or simply a “Thinking of You” moment. For others, a postcard is a crucial method of driving revenue for a business, especially when you consider the markup potentiality of them. Tourists love to pick these up on their travels to send back to their relatives, either as a rub-it-in-your-face effort or otherwise. No matter what it is you do with them, they are one of the most versatile and affordable ways to help people stay connected.


Dental offices usually have troves of postcards being mailed out every week to their patients. Besides appointment cards, some places use these to send a reminder of their scheduled meeting with their trusted dentist, oftentimes incorporating lots of full color graphics, a catchy tagline or thoughtful question, as well as any relevant information about the appointment itself (i.e. bring your retainer for sizing and cleaning.) Using this in tandem with other means such as a phone call or business card can help retain your reputation as a fully functioning dental service that put the care of their patients first.

Boardwalk Shops

Have you ever perused the shops down by the beach at a sunny destination or any tourist hot spot for that matter? Gift shops are full of postcards that advertise the local fare, whether it is with a photograph of a sunset, a landmark or some other famous place. People love to receive a little slice of where their family and friends have been recently, especially when they can provide direct evidence and a message or two about the experience. The best part is you can usually pick these up for well under a dollar no matter where you end up going, making it a simple way to tell the world where you have been.

Veterinary Services

Is it time for Fluffy’s checkup again? Does your pet need follow-up care for a recent treatment? Dogs, cats, fish, birds, snakes, ferrets and others are always coming down with little afflictions and your veterinarian is likely sending you postcard reminders in the mail. When you first pick up a new animal from a shelter or a hobby farm, for instance, there is generally a set of precautions to take right out of the gate. Preventions against heartworm, rabies vaccinations and other relevant issues that affect your particular animal need to be addressed immediately, which makes a postcard a timely way of keeping track of everything that is administered (and when it should be for that matter.)


In order to keep track of patients, their medications and promotional events concerning new drugs and treatments, pharmaceutical technicians frequently mail these out. Sometimes they signal that a prescription is ready for pick-up. Other times it is a piece put out by the drug companies themselves. At any rate, it is a regular part of business and can help a person keep tabs on their needs.