Possible Topics For Brochure Printing – Part 2

Brochure printing is a coveted force in the print marketing world. Whether you need tri-fold brochures or another custom folding scheme, there is always going to be a demographic, a time and a place to use them properly. Carnivals and truck stops, parades and office buildings, waiting rooms and street corners all contribute as top places to distribute. But when it comes to what you want your collateral to say to your customers, there are a few tried and true topics that arise every time. You might already have an idea in your mind that you want to go with, whether it has been proven to work in the past or not. But when you need a pick-me-up, look to these sound ideas for your next campaign.


Personal Profile

Regular customers always appreciate seeing a personal profile, much like that in the local newspaper from time to time. Without these, employees and other institutionalized professionals might simply be a name and a face. People like to discover more about the people they work with so that they can put more of their trust into every purchase and every subsequent move. Perhaps it is a profile on a new arrival in the regular commerce of a certain city or an update on a local barber that has been in business for 40 years.

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Success Story

This one kind of goes together with the personal profile but it focuses more on the positive thrust of the business. There are many rags-to-riches tales that have been the primary focus of how a particular business entity came to be. But each one serves as a more unique story than the one before it. Print brochures that outline the basic rise, whether you went from 2 employees to 60 in under a year how you are the biggest contributor to local charities for the past decade. People love knowing they are part of something positive in their communities.

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Inspiring Stories

Maybe your company works toward a cure for a devastating disease or has an inspirational tale about an 11-year-old boy who overcame an affliction as well as his personal adversity. This type of story gets people in the mood to contribute their efforts, their money or their time to support a great cause. Maybe your brochures tell a tale about how the business came to be, how the building was built, how much money was raised by a small group of dedicated individuals or something of similar nature. If all else fails, vivid images of homeless animals and needy children can help inspire people to donate in a time of great need so be sure to use what you know to elicit more support for whatever cause you are touting.

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