Poor Advertising Practices To Avoid With Catalogs

If you are a retailer that uses catalog printing as a means of garnering consumer interest, you should ask yourself: are we doing everything correctly? Could we be doing more with custom catalogs to flourish all that much more? As is the case with most business practices, there is always something more you could be doing, always something you could be learning from your past successes and failures. Here is a little rundown of things to avoid the next time you wish to produce this type of marketing campaign.

No Consistency

Your catalog printing plans should be set for at least one year, encompassing every seasonal effort or fashion line change that comes about. For example, are you rolling out a new catalog every time a major game changer takes place? Your customers should not only know about the next big things happening at your place of business, but be able to get excited about them too. That is the main goal of marketing in general: to create a healthy buzz about your products and services and to get people to act on them quickly and accordingly.

Designing Your Own

While this might sound like the optimal way to go about things, especially in an economy that is unsure of itself everyday, it is actually the opposite when considering 8.5 x 11 catalogs. There are simply too many pages and too many pieces of information that have the potential to be messed up in the process. It is best to hire an online printer with a full scale in house design staff who have been educated in design principles, layout patterns and appealing aesthetics geared toward convincing a consumer to make a purchase from your company. Using a design template will not only take up lots of precious time, but can lead to other issues down the road. Let a professional help you today.

Budgeting Miscues

The last thing you want is to spend your entire advertising budget on one catalog printing campaign. You need to be sure there is enough room for other ploys such as postcard marketing, direct mailers and business reply mailing, flyers and posters, business cards and brochures. This holds true especially when you are a newer business on the scene that needs to use multiple avenues in order to get a proper foothold in your industry. Sometimes services speak for themselves. All other times might call for a freshly printed catalog from an online printer to do the trick.

Void Of Appeal

Are you using plenty of full color imagery in your piece? Does it hold its own when stood up against your competition? Are you offering something that elicits excitement when the reader is thumbing through it? Try to go for a dazzling presentation with each page turned to make sure your customers are getting everything they should be.