Picking Paper To Suit Your Catalog Printing

There are a certain number of crucial decisions you have to make if you want to spend the money on catalog printing for your business marketing endeavors. You are probably thinking about how your catalogs could look graphically and colorfully, but what about the stock that you print them on? This is just as important as any facet because it is what the reader will feel upon picking up your piece. Does it fold nice and page-turn easily? Does it look shiny and reflect a sense of professionalism? All of these are contributing factors when you are trying to win over your customers with new products for a new season of selling.

Quality Is King

Your viewers will be influenced by what kind of paper you choose, either through a subconscious level or a direct means. That is why it is always a great choice to pick a thicker stock so that your confidence as a proprietor comes through in your printing. A 100# stock option is a very popular choice, and for good reason as it is a crisp type that wont bend or get damaged easily. Depending on what kind of message you are sending (and what kind of budget you are trying to stay under), it might be a wise decision to go with a 70# or 80# option.

Finish It With A Good Coating

Your paper’s durability, shininess and protection will all depend on what type of coating you go with. If it is a loose leaf insert in the daily newspaper, you might not need to add any coating at all. But for all other selections, it is good to choose an aqueous, high-gloss UV or laminated coat. Each respective application increases in all of the aforementioned details and can be the deciding factor for somebody who is just walking by your catalog stand. They increase the life of your custom catalogs, which is ideal in the event that it needs to be kept around for a longer period of time (such as before a holiday season and throughout big seasonal sales.)

Find An Eco-Friendly Printer

Many people might not know this, but catalog printing produced with green results means a better overall product for you in the end. By mixing previously used contents and ingredients, a printer can breakdown and build up a new set of prints that are reinforced and as beautiful as ever. They will have more cost-effective paper types, coatings, inks and processing equipment that helps contribute to less pollution in our atmosphere. It is a true win-win situation that can only be taken advantage of paper providers that have committed themselves to a better future.