Penning the Perfect Tagline for your Business Cards

If you are on the path to creating the perfect business cards to represent your company, a good tagline will solidify your design. There are many different ways to approach business card printing, but all effective custom cards come are best served with a catchy slogan. Penning one phrase or sentence to sum up your business philosophy can be a challenge, but there are a few easy tips to help make yours successful.

Generate adjectives to describe your company:

The best way to get your brain working for the best tagline is to generate a buzz word list. You can really boost your business cards with the right phrasing, so try to use recognizable, catchy terminology and pick the best words to define your professional personality.

Make sure it sounds as good as it looks:

Once you place the right wording on your business cards, the look and actual message are just as important as each other. You want to string together a sentence or two (or even less for a more effective approach) that sends the message you want to get across in the wording, but also in the presentation. Keep it concise and use bold font that contrasts with the background so it will really stand out.

Use colors to enhance your message:

Custom business cards are blank canvas for your promotional ideas and creativity, but only a really solid tagline will act as the glue that holds it all together. If you use the right color scheme, the visual appeal can compliment the colors you choose for your cards. Bold, vibrant colors paired with the perfect use of black-and-white will balance your designs and help keep the focus on your company.