Networking with Business Cards

Social media has paved the way for powerful online communication and networking. This can be really beneficial for your business and everything, but when you are getting the word out to generate clients and customers, the classic business cards method is absolutely important. Even if your customers follow you on Facebook, they will feel an instant connection with someone whose business card designs they have directly in the palm of their hand.

So while your marketing department is trying to gain followers on Twitter and reaching out to customers with promos via an RSS feed, do yourself a favor and revamp your business cards to leave that lasting in-person impression you need to seal the deal. As important as social media is, business cards are still the number one way to network.

If you want to make an impact with your designs, make sure your card utilizes front and back printing. This way, you can say more and add more on the same convenient-sized card. Taglines and slogans are vital to the card and oftentimes, marketing is best perceived when your designs are based around your catchy slogan. After all, these few words resonate what your business is all about, so the better this comes across the more success you will have.

Custom business cards can be created with full color and you can even add aqueous or high gloss UV coatings. If you are able to afford this option, then go for it. The way your cards feel is almost as important as the way they look and coatings give them a soft, inviting brilliant layer.