More Places To Regularly Advertise With Booklets

You might have already read about a bunch of the obvious places to print booklets especially for advertising purposes. Heck, you might have already tried a bunch of methods to successfully market your products with booklet printing to some degree. It does not really matter what kind of business entity you run, these little pieces can help you do everything from informing to selling great deals.

Movie Rental Outlets
How else will you find out about new releases, upcoming movie roles, directorial debuts and other juicy details inside the film industry? Most movie rental places will give out small 4-8 page booklets that detail every cinephile’s next dream. Keep your customers in touch with what is going on in Hollywood with a set of these. You can also include a perforated coupon for a buy-one-get-one offer on rentals, candy, pop and more.

There has to be some other way to get the low-down on all the tasty selections available through your local caterers than simply the internet. People want to see something they can hold in their hand that details a price, quantities, types, vegetarian options and other important tidbits. Catering is big business and in order to win over the public you need to have good deals, even better food and a staff that is willing to put it on and take it down for any type of event including weddings, funerals, retirements and birthday parties.

Electronics Retailers
Booklet printing is perfect for highlighting an electronic giant’s newest innovations and upcoming releases. There are departments for DVDs, CDs, television sets, audio equipment, car speakers and MP3 players to name a few. Consumers need to be given a comprehensive look into what will be the hot new item to hit store shelves in the coming months. A certain amount of buzz is to be expected, which is partially what drives initial sales of your products. Plus, the items generally need to be explained a bit more in depth than what a simple television ad can describe, making booklets and ideal solution.

Liquor Stores
Weekly specials, BOGO offers, and liquidation deals (no pun intended) are frequent selling points a liquor store can use to draw in consumers before a busy weekend. Even vendors of certain types of alcoholic beverages will sometimes set up shop inside to give out free tastings and complimentary booklets complete with coupons, promos and other great deals. These are often used to create awareness about new types of drinks and other informative things.